The Resilient Charm of Waxed Canvas Backpacks

Wax canvas is cotton impregnated with paraffin or natural beeswax-based wax that’s either woven into its fabric or applied directly. The waxed canvas backpack provides increased wind resistance, repels water, and develops an attractive patina over time.


Waxed canvas bags are water-resistant and, when maintained correctly, can become waterproof. Furthermore, their dirt repelling properties make cleaning them much simpler than other backpack materials. Re-waxing should be performed regularly in order to maintain waterproofing and durability – using a hair dryer can help warm the wax up before spreading it across fabric seams and zippers of the bag.


Waxed canvas backpack strikes an elegant balance between durability and style with this bag crafted from waxed canvas and oiled leather in chocolate brown hue. Featuring padded back and seat padding for long periods of time or distance traveling, two billowed expandable front pockets close securely using hand-hammered snaps while its two billowed, expandable front pockets keep things organized securely inside its interior compartments.

Fluorocarbon-free fabric from this company reduces both environmental and human health hazards, while recycled lining and sustainable foams help minimize their environmental footprint.

Waxed canvas offers the natural substance and weight only found in natural fabrics like hemp. Plus, its patina develops over time with each wearer to form something truly personal and distinct to them.


Wax coating on this type of canvas creates a rugged aesthetic, giving it timeless quality. Waxed canvas can be used to craft gear and apparel that will stand the test of time – if cared for correctly, waxed canvas backpacks could last decades!

Day Owl uses recycled and repurposed 20oz waxed canvas that has been upcycled, as well as recycled consumer plastic lining and ethically sourced closed cell foam, to produce their backpack. This makes their bag environmentally-friendly while free from fluorocarbons which have been linked with cancer and disrupting hormone production in animals. For more option you can check the small canvas backpack.

A great sustainable option is the Bradley Mountain Raven 28 backpack. Featuring multiple zippered and internal pockets as well as a padded sleeve that fits 15″ laptops, this pack comes backed by a lifetime guarantee and is proudly made in Duluth, Minnesota.


Waxed canvas backpacks not only boast rugged mottled looks that become even better over time, they are also eco-friendly due to the use of natural cotton materials without synthetic ones like polyester – making them an excellent option for guys who prioritize sustainability as well as durability.

Day Owl produces eco-friendly waxed canvas backpacks using modern materials like recycled lining and sustainable foams from factories that meet European Union REACH standards for working conditions, wages and freedom of labor (no forced/child labor).

Reproof your bag easily when its waterproofing wears away through heavy use or exposure to elements with the help of wax bars or tins and a hairdryer, heating before application will help soften up its consistency for easy reproofing as needed, keeping it watertight for generations!

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