The Role of an Accident Attorney

When a big truck accident happens, several complications often arise. This is why you must immediately consult an experienced 18 wheeler accident attorney after the accident. A well-experienced lawyer can aid you through the complex legal system, from injuries resulting from the accident to legal liabilities and insurance claims; a well-experienced lawyer can aid you through the complex legal system. Consider the following reasons why you need to hire an experienced attorney to represent you:


Damages resulting from injuries sustained in a trucking or delivery business accident are difficult to prove. Zehl & Associates law firm specializes in helping truck drivers who have sustained injuries from accidents at the hands of other drivers or freight brokers. We take on the cases of all types of injuries caused by tractor-trailer combinations, box trucks, utility trailers, and large trucks. Many individuals have told us that our experience has helped them recoup thousands of dollars in medical and rehabilitation expenses.

Help you to get the rightful compensation

Most of the time, the victims of trucking accidents suffer either from minor injuries or grave, sometimes life-threatening injuries. Often, the injuries take months or years to heal fully. As a result, while they’re recovering, families are forced to incur additional costs associated with health care and disability income. This is why an experienced 18 wheeler accident attorney is imperative. An attorney’s skills and knowledge in interpreting insurance policies and laws, as well as the applicable procedures for filing a claim, will help get the rightful compensation the victim is entitled to.

Many people mistakenly believe that the liable party – in this case, trucking or shipping companies – doesn’t have to compensate for injuries they cause. However, in many instances, insurance companies do have liability insurance to cover compensation for injuries caused by their vehicles. If the truckers operate without it, their employers are legally responsible. So your accident lawyer must know about these laws so he can properly file your claim.

Deal with insurance companies

The typical 18 wheeler accident attorney must be adept at dealing with insurance companies and, the opposite, working with the drivers. You must retain only a lawyer who specifically handles trucking accidents because he understands how these kinds of lawsuits work. Furthermore, a good law firm will have access to a team of physicians, surgeons, and other specialists who deal with traumatic brain injuries, among other types of injuries. Having medical personnel on your side will go a long way toward ensuring your legal rights are protected.

Help you to prepare strong claim

Your 18 wheeler accident attorney will help you prepare a strong personal injury claim based on the information provided to him. In addition, he will assess the value of your medical bills and losses, determine the extent of your financial hardship, and determine whether or not your insurance companies will settle for a low settlement, allowing you to breathe easy financially after your accident. Finally, he will speak with your insurance companies to ensure they will not only settle with you but offer you a substantial percentage of the settlement if you choose to sue them. Many insurance companies will reach out to offer a settlement even if the victim’s insurance company opts not to, which is why it is very important to make sure you are working with a reputable law firm.


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