The secret to playing super-fast exploding jars at Zbet effectively

Currently, there are many people who have come to experience the super fast jar explosion game at Zbet in the hope that they will be the lucky ones who will be able to receive super huge bonuses. Exploding jars online is a game with an easy to understand gameplay that anyone can participate in and it is currently one of the games that attract the most players at Zbet. So what is the Zbet online game and how can it be played effectively, let’s clarify these contents right here.

1. What is the game of exploding jars?

Exploding the super-fast jar at Zbet is a slot game product that brings a high luck factor with extremely large rewards, up to billions of dong. When participating in this game, a part of the bets each spin of the gamers will be extracted and put into the general fund, called the bonus fund. If you are the lucky one to explode the jar, you will receive the full amount of that bonus fund.

What is the game of exploding jars?

2.Features in the game exploding jars Zbet

Here are some basic features of the super speed jar game at Zbet that gamers need to know before participating in the game:

Turn: This is the button for you to start spinning the jar.

Bet Button: This is the button to increase or decrease the amount of coins and bet size in each roll of the pot.

Auto spin: A feature that helps bettors spin the pot many times at once without having to manipulate many times.

Winning: This feature of Zbet’s super-explosion game helps you to know the amount of winnings that can be received at each spin bet.

Information display feature: This is the place to display the game rules, payment history and the machine icon for players to learn and research.

3. How to play exploding Zbet jar effectively?

Exploding jars is an easy game to play, but if you do not have experience in playing, without smart ways to play, it will be difficult for you to win great rewards in the spins.

3.1 Learn more about the super speed jar explosion game at Zbet

The number of participants playing in each jar explosion hall changes constantly. Therefore, before placing a bet, you should observe and pay close attention to where the majority of players can bet.

In addition, you also need to check the history of each lobby’s jar explosion to know their win rate so that you can choose a lobby with a high explosion rate.

Screenshot 2 1

Learn more about the super-fast jar explosion game at Zbet

3.2 Turn the jar stably, do not use auto spin

This is one of the important factors that you should apply when playing the super speed explosion game at Zbet. When playing, you should not use the auto spin feature because you will not be able to control or stop the spin until the amount of money in your account is exhausted. At the same time, during the game, you should keep the most stable spinning speed until the jar explodes.

3.3 Join the game at the right time

For this super speed jar explosion game, the jar explosion will appear according to a specific rule. At the same time, at a time when there are many people participating in the game, the bonus value is higher and the chance of exploding the jar will also be higher. Therefore, you need to learn carefully to be able to choose the time to participate in the game with the highest probability of winning.

4.Some points to note when playing super speed jar at Zbet

In addition to applying effective playing tips, to be able to win great rewards, gamers also need to note some of the following content when playing exploding jars:

Study and master the features and symbols of the game to avoid making mistakes and not miss the chance to win.

Always keep the network connection stable during the process of spinning the jar because the process of playing super speed jar at Zbet if the connection is poor, the network connection is lost, it is likely that the jar will be exploded by other players who are not Friend.

Screenshot 3 1

Some points to note when playing super speed jars at Zbet

Choose tables with bets that are suitable for your financial ability, avoid tables with many participants to increase your odds of exploding.

In particular, you cannot bet all the money you have on a single spin. Because luck does not come easily from the first spin and this will cause you to lose all your money and have to stop the game early.


Above are the very practical tips to play exploding jars at that seasoned gamers have drawn up. If you equip yourself with these useful knowledge, you will be able to become the lucky one and win huge rewards when playing this type of slot game.


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