The Sound of Running Water Reduces Stress – Why?

Various psychological studies have found the sound of running water can naturally soothe a person’s mind and body. Water sounds have been used in meditation practices for decades, as it is a powerful way to improve people’s mental health.

Yet, you might be unsure how it banishes worries or tension. Continue reading to learn how the sound of running water reduces stress.

A Soothing Distraction

According to the Blue Health Initiative, a research group of University of Exeter scientists, spending time in or around water is as beneficial as green spaces for mental health.

According to Wallace J. Nichols, a marine biologist and a former senior scientist at Ocean Conservancy, green spaces are fantastic for mental health, and a pond, fountain, or lakeshore will improve its benefits. As water can hold a person’s attention with its simple landscape, it can distract and soothe the mind. For this reason, many people often visit naturally calming beaches or water destinations for a relaxing holiday.

Yet, you don’t need to travel abroad to enjoy the soothing visual and sound of running water, as a garden water feature could create a tranquil space to relax your mind. If you want to add a pond or water feature to your exterior design, you must find the best quality pond pumps to create a serene, attractive, and healthy exterior.

Rhythmic, Non-Threatening Sounds

Studies have found crashing waves, falling rain or babbling brooks are non-threatening, rhythmic sounds that can calm a person’s mind. Also, the white noise can drown out more threatening sounds, such as car alarms, nearby chatter, or vehicles backfiring.

As gentle water sounds build up and disappear gradually, the repetitive, reliable noise will ease the mind and lower a person’s stress levels. For this reason, water is a natural way to create a calming environment during sleep or when spending time outdoors.

Wash away your stresses by focusing your full attention on the sound of water, as it will take your mind off your growing to-do list, demanding career, or personal worries.

A Light Form of Hypnosis

The repetitive sound of water flowing, trickling, or falling can induce a form of light hypnosis, which will immediately lift a person’s mood. If you listen to the sound of water long enough, your mind, body, and soul will enter deep relaxation, which will lower your stress levels.

Listening to various water sounds when relaxing or attempting to fall asleep could be the perfect antidote to a stressful personal or professional life. Give it a try. You might be surprised by the difference it makes to your mental health.


Water can soothe the body in various ways, from distracting the mind from its worries to helping the body enter a light form of hypnosis. If you often experience high stress levels, go for a walk along the coast, listen to soothing raindrop sounds on your smartphone before bed, or create a tranquil garden with a pond or water feature. It will take your mind off one or many worries while supporting your physical and emotional health.


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