The Successful Career of Riff Raff

Horst Christian Simco, more widely known as Riff Raff, was born on January 29, 1982, in Houston, Texas. His mother was a maid, and his father was a decorated Vietnam War veteran who did various jobs. Ronald Simco, regrettably, suffered from severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of his service in the war. Riff Raff was the second of four siblings.

At the moment, net worth of Riff Raff is estimated to be 7 million dollars. His earnings are mostly derived from performing music and maintaining a social media presence. He has a $2 million house in Las Vegas and a collection of jewels worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Beginning in 2005, Riff Raff started rapping and recording handmade CDs for fun. He would distribute them at several retail malls in the greater Houston region. To promote his music, videos, and amusing skits, he utilized social media platforms such as Myspace, YouTube, and WorldStartHipHop to do so. He has a natural sense of humor, which has served him well throughout his professional life. DB da Boss was Riff Raff’s first manager, and he assisted him in producing more polished videos and CDs as a result. Following the effect that other Houston rappers had on him, Riff Raff adopted braiding his hair and donning excessive amounts of jewelry. He changed his appearance to be more expensive.

For Riff Raff, it was important to establish himself as a television personality, and he flew to Atlanta, Georgia, to audition for a reality television program on MTV called From G’s to Gents. He secured a spot on the show’s second season and used the nickname “MTV Riff Raff” to distinguish himself. Even though he was ousted from the series after the second episode in 2009, his personality and sense of humor had a lasting effect.

Because of his appearance on the program, he collaborated with fellow rapper Simon Rex, which helped to further his professional development and growth. They recorded several songs under the nicknames Riff Raff and Dirt Nasty. The three formed the group Three Loco, which included comedian Andy Milonakis as a collaborator. Riff Raff’s fan base grew due to his collaboration with two recognized stars.

When Riff Raff changed managers to OG Ron C of Swishahouse in 2011, he relocated to Los Angeles to be closer to his family. By publishing additional music videos, he increased his online visibility. Riff Raff signed with the record company S.O.D. Money Gang Inc. a few months later, but their connection lasted just a year until they were forced to separate ways amicably. In 2012, Riff Raff began working with prominent producers like Harry Fraud and Diplo. They collaborated with Action Bronson to create a music video for the song Bird on a Wire, which became viral.

It has received one million views on YouTube in less than two months. A busy year for Riff Raff saw the release of music videos for the songs Larry Bird and Time. He also collaborated with Chief Keef on the track Cuz My Gear, which was released in 2012. He also collaborated with Diplo on an album, and he joined with Duiplo’s record label, Mad Decent. Summer of Surf and Birth of an Icon, two mixtapes and the independently released album The Golden Alien.

In the next year, he released many songs and a mixtape, and his first studio album, Neon Icon, was released the following year. During the Vans Warped Tour in 2015, Riff Raff was a performer. It was originally scheduled to be released later in the year, but the album was postponed and only available in 2016 after a lengthy wait. As previously reported, Riff Raff said in April 2016 that he had reached a deal with Stampede Management and BMG under which he would raise $4 million to “create an entertainment empire.”

After releasing another album, this time in conjunction with DJ Afterthought, named Cool Blue Jewels, which included guest artists such as Jimmy Wopo and Wiz Khalifa, Riff Raff returned in 2017 with another album, this time titled Cool Blue Jewels. Tangerine Tiger, Riff Raff’s mixtape from late 2018 included several guests, was released. Lil Tracy and Ricki Rich were among those that performed. Pink Python is the title of a new studio album published in 2019. Chief Keef and Killah Priest were among the visitors this time around. The publication of a second studio album, named Cranberry Vampire, in 2019 was marked by the appearances of Simon Rex and Andy Milonakis, among others.

Other Works

During an episode of the television program, Major Lazer titled “Double Cup,” Riff Raff made an appearance. In November of 2017, he also appeared in a special for The Challenge, an MTV reality series, in which he placed second. Earlier this year, Riff Raff formed a partnership with Reef Dispensaries to produce and promote two new marijuana strains. A unique “Riff Raff Smoking Supply Box” was created in collaboration with the cannabis subscription box startup Daily High Club, which he also partnered with. Smoking accouterments and other items inspired by his on-stage demeanor were included in the package.


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