The Ultimate Wine and Oyster Food Pairing Guide

The oyster is a delicacy that has been enjoyed for centuries. It’s no wonder, then, that it should be the topic of an article on food pairing! We all know how many wines can vary in taste and flavor depending on what you eat them with. The same goes for oysters – they are delicious when paired with wine or other foods. This guide will tell you about the different types of oysters out there as well as some great pairings to try! 

More wine pairing guides have been created recently, but what about oysters? Wine and oysters are a surprisingly common food combination. It’s not the kind of pair that you should be using at every meal though because these two foods can sometimes clash. There is nothing worse than having an amazing bottle of your favorite wine only to ruin it with an oyster. Conversely, there is nothing worse than having a perfectly shucked and delicious batch of oysters delivery Sydney that you can’t enjoy because the wine just isn’t working for your taste buds. With all this in mind, we have gone ahead and created our very own ultimate guide to pairing the two together:

Pair Pinot Gris or Sauvignon Blanc wines with Pacific oysters. These varieties go really well together as their flavors are similar enough without being too identical – Almost any white wine will pair nicely with Kumamoto Oysters though they do tend to go best with Riesling and Sancerre wines 

Serve East Coast types like Blue Points or Beoleils alongside sparkling wines, dry Rieslings, or slightly sweet wines like Vouvray.

Pairing the two together is one of those combinations that just works very effortlessly because oysters are so light and neutral in flavor while wine has a bit more zest to it. It’s an amazing party food pairing but can also be enjoyed as a romantic night out for dinner by choosing the right pairings 

The best way to go about this is to choose a white wine with some acidity such as Sauvignon Blanc paired with Kumamoto Oysters which have been freshly shucked and served on ice-cold plates.

East Coast types tend to work well alongside Chardonnay, Pinot Gr, or Champagne depending on how much you want to spend on the wine.

A lot of people love pairing Riesling with oysters because they both have a similar crisp and clean flavor profile. The sweetness found in this white German wine also helps bring out some of the best flavors from each other 

Pairing Zinfandel or Shiraz wines alongside Blue Point Oysters can be an amazing option as these two types work really well together – In general, all reds tend to pair nicely with Pacific Ocean varieties because their brinier taste tends not to clash against even bolder tasting red wines. You can shop now for fresh oysters, lobsters, and other fine seafood to pair with your wine at Get Maine Lobster.

Another great seafood food that pairs perfectly with any type of shellfish is crab meat. Crab cakes are usually served with side tartar sauce but they can also be served alongside oysters.

For a more primal take on this food pairing, try eating your crab meat with some lemon juice and Old Bay seasoning 

The reason why these two foods work so nicely together is that they are both very rich in flavor without being too overpowering or bitter.


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