The walnut fund – A revolutionary agriculture investment platform

As a pioneer crypto investor I have been in the crypto space for over 7 years, and honestly I was getting tired of trading coins. It was high time to invest in something more tangible with a real world impact. Avoiding the conventional investment options i.e. stocks/bonds…I started exploring different online investing platforms and came upon one that fascinated me. The platform that I discovered is “The Walnut Fund”, and it has a very compelling business model, that I have never seen before!

The Walnut Fund – Business model

TWF is a “crowdfunded” investment platform that invites clients from all around the world to invest in Walnut trees. As an investor you can purchase as many trees as you like. Some clients have 1 tree some have hundreds – Price / tree does vary dependent on the amount of trees you buy. The walnut fund then takes all orders created in that calendar year and erects a modern high yielding walnut plantation.

They have teams of agriculture engineers and specialists that overlook the plantations and make sure that everything is running smoothly. When the trees begin to produce walnuts, the nuts are sold and profits split equally between TWF and clients. The more trees you have, the bigger the payout – your dividend is calculated based on a percentage stake in the plantation. One good thing to mention is that investors get reimbursed first, and only then does the platform begin to take its share of profit.

The walnut fund – A revolutionary agriculture investment platform 2

I gave them a call

As every investor should do before handing out their hard earned cash, I set out on a “due diligence” mission. I crosschecked the facts stated on the website (checks out), researched the team – everyone is real and contactable, and then I sent an email requesting an e-meet. Surprisingly, I got an answer within the hour and had a “Meet and greet” setup for the next day.

On call was the CEO Lazar and an agriculture engineer that was free that day. They explained the business in detail, and I must say it was a very interesting lesson in horticulture. A lot was learned and my belief in the startup was solidified.

As with everything in life not everything is “roses and rainbows”, but I must say that the pluses outweigh the negatives. So let’s break it down:

The good:

  • Great team! They are well versed, and know what they are doing – experts in the field.
  • A very lucrative and long term passive income model
  • Low risk, and stable market. Not too many farmers are farming walnuts – initial wait for yield deters them – Stable market prices
  • Low barriers of entry – Anyone over the age of 18 can invest
  • Eco-friendly. Not a lot of businesses can boast the same!
  • They are looking to expand into the blockchain world and state that their early investors will have benefits going forward.
  • Other perks that are not mentioned on the website. Possibility of intercropping and sale of walnut timber at the end of the trees lifecycle.

The not so good:

  • Walnut trees need some time to mature and grow. There is an initial wait until revenue begins.
  • They are based in Europe – a hurtle for investors focused only on investing in the USA.
  • Only institutional investors (investments exceeding 500k$) get part ownership stake in the plantation land. Smaller investors are only investing in the trees themselves.

The walnut fund – A revolutionary agriculture investment platform 3


If you’re looking for a tangible asset, and you have some money set aside that you can invest for the long run, then this is truly a great option. I invested 25 000$ (around 180 trees), and my portfolio is forecasted to generate around 7000$ / year. Additionally there is the intercropping and timber sale that I mentioned previously but I have excluded that from my forecast and hope it will surprise me!

Check them out –

Go Walnuts!

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