The Worst Car Accidents in America

When you look back at car accidents in history, you’ll see a disproportionate number of deaths. While nature may be at fault for a small portion of accidents, it’s still the driver’s responsibility for speeding and reckless driving that makes the vast majority of car accidents occur. Read on to find out more about the worst car accidents of all time. We also have a list of the top 10 most infamous crashes, including sports racing accidents, car accident pile-ups, and much more. If you need car accidents lawyer then you can contact Kreger Brodish LLP.

One of the most horrific car accidents in recent history occurred on Independence Day in 1998. A storm had been passing through the area, causing a car to hydroplane and crash into a tractor trailer. All six passengers died in this accident. This accident is considered the Worst Car Accidents in America, and you can contact a car accident attorney if you were involved in one. After a devastating crash, it’s always best to hire a car accident attorney for assistance.

Single vehicle crashes are the most common type of automobile accidents. Often, teen drivers are the ones involved in these accidents. Accidents of this kind can occur because of a number of different reasons, including skidding on ice, running off the road, spinning out of control, or hitting a stationary object. Single vehicle crashes can be the result of minor errors like overcorrecting a small mistake or braking too hard.

A massive pileup of 114 vehicles on Interstate 77 in Virginia was one of the worst car accidents in U.S. history. A heavy snowfall made it impossible for drivers to see clearly, resulting in multiple head-on collisions. In the worst case scenario, drivers would have been better served to stay home than risk this terrible accident, but not if they knew that the weather was going to be bad. The weather caused more car accidents than we can count, and this disaster was a perfect example of the dangerous conditions in the United States.

In 1956, a bus accident in Fayetteville, Arkansas, killed 21 people and injured 34 others. The driver of the semi-truck didn’t seem to notice the accident, and the driver of the work truck didn’t pile up. Most of the dead were passengers. In 1988, a school bus in Kentucky was involved in an accident with a drunk semi-truck driver. Twenty-seven people died and 34 were injured in this tragic accident.

There are also truck crashes that are among the most horrific. The Chualar bus crash in central Afghanistan killed 32 people and injured more than two-hundred. Another horrifying accident that happened in Mexico involved a tank truck that swerved off the road. The crash destroyed a building and trapped hundreds of motorists and passengers in flames. Many of the worst car accidents involve buses or trucks, because they are larger and have more mass. In fact, the fatality rate in these types of crashes is higher than in accidents involving cars and trucks.


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