Things To Buy If You Are A Star Wars Fan

Finding star wars themed stuff is never a difficult job. With the impact that movie had on the film industry, star wars merchandise is always all over the markets. But the question is, what really is worth buying as a die heart star wars fan? T shirts and cups are old news. This is the era of buying a realistic lightsaber, keychains and maybe a costume for Halloween. So here are some things you should definitely get if you love the star wars universe and the adorable baby yoda!

Light Sabers

Topping the list are the very famous light sabers. Who does not love to have a sword fight with their enemy. But light sabers make it extremely interesting. Apart from having a friendly duel with your friends, these look way better than swords especially in the dark. Their glow makes them aesthetically pleasing too. Light sabers are safe for kids to have, so you can buy them for a star wars fan of every age.


Character keychains are a must for any fan. You can get a cute baby yoda keychain from anywhere. Now these keychains come in diverse styles and sizes. You can get your favourite character painted on acrylic and convert it into a keychain. Or maybe even a small rubber figure of them. Keychains do not only look good, but are also super handy. You can hang it with you bag, jeans, belt and of course, keys! It can be a great gift too for anyone who loves the movies.


If you have some blank space on your walls, a poster is what you need to fill that void up. It can be your favourite star wars character, the movie scene, a meme or even just the name of the movie. It lifts up the vibe of the area and everyone will know how big of a fan you are.


What is better than a darth vader or Chewbacca costume for Halloween? You can go to a costume party with it too. As a star wars fan, there are tons of characters you can convert into costumes whenever you want. Yoda and Princess Leia are the easiest ones to get made. Costumes are cheap, look unique and are a fun way to show off your movie knowledge to your friends and colleagues.

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