Things to keep in mind when buying designer glasses online

We buy everything online be it clothes, shoes, accessories or even groceries. But, when it comes to buying glasses online, we often take a step back. Maybe it’s because we fear that the frame won’t fit right or we will get a bad product.

However, the pros of buying glasses online surpass the cons. In fact, you won’t ever regret purchasing eyewear online if you already know the basics. For instance, what colour to look for and which style will suit your face the best. 

If you are completely novice in the matter of eyeglasses, we’ll walk you through some easy steps to ensure that you make the best purchase. If you feel tempted by the alluring designer glasses collection available online but hesitate to shop for your favourite, here are the steps to make sure you land the best deal.

Choose an online retailer

Since you have decided to go for online eyewear shopping, you first need to find an online retailer. There are so many retailers out there but you can’t trust just any retailer, especially when you are a newbie to the web shopping culture.

You may want to read customer reviews and inspect the services before you trust an online eyewear retailer with your vision needs. Look for a company that will give quality products at affordable prices along with fast delivery.

Pick out a frame

When we are saying choose a frame, we mean choose a frame that will flatter your face shape. You will feel overwhelmed by the variety of frame styles available online, but it doesn’t mean you pick one that appeals to your eyes at the first glance. 

Try out a frame that will do some favour to your face shape. If your facial structure is roundish, bring a hint of contrast with square or rectangular glasses. Geometric frames will also be suitable in this matter.

If your face has angles, tone them down a bit with round glasses or circular frames. For oval face-shaped people, your face will look just as good and perfectly balanced in any frame style you want.

Check your prescription

After you have decided which frame style is made for your face, the next step is to add your prescription before you place an order.

It is the complicated set of numbers written on a paper which your optician handed over to you after examining your eyes. However, if it has been a good long time since you had an eye test, your first step would be to get one immediately.

Now that you have your latest prescription handy, you are good to seek what online options you have. You’ll be so surprised to find the amusing frame styles at affordable prices that you might end up buying more than just one pair of prescription glasses online.

Lens thickness 

The most important part of your glasses are the lenses. We know the frame adds a style element, the lenses are what make them functional. 

If you have a high prescription, you can opt for high index lenses that are slim and won’t add to the weight of your glasses. Moreover, if you buy from a reputed website, you won’t have to spend much on these high index lenses. Whether you are looking for a pair of readers or affordable varifocal glasses online, you should always choose thinner lenses to get maximum comfortability out of your eyepiece.

Choose the lens coatings 

To make your glasses most functional, you can select a few lens coatings such as blue light or anti-glare. Your designer glasses shouldn’t only be about the style. Even if they are non-prescription, you can make them suitable for screen use or driving with the special add-ons.

If you indulge in excessive use of devices, we would recommend you get a blue light coatings added on the lenses. This will turn your designer glasses frames into the best blue light glasses and you will get one extra feature to benefit from.

Submit the order

…but not before you recheck the return policy of the retailer. This will protect you from any fraud in the future. In case you don’t like the product after you try them on, it is best to know what you’ll be in for. You may look up customer feedback and online reviews about the company. This will give you an idea about their services. After you are done with your online research, place your order and wait for your product to reach you.

Whether you are buying glasses online for the first time or you have an experience of eyewear web shopping, these steps will always come handy. 

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