This App Gives you more Free Custom Fonts than you can handle

We’ve always loved customizing things. We choose the color of our shoes, the design on our shirts, the material of a pen and so much more. Another thing we are fond of stylizing is text that we type with. Every Bengali loves to utilize stylish  Bangla fonts and customize Bangla fonts to make it conform to their taste.

You should know the importance of English language, especially in your international journey. For Bangla Language users it’s very important as well. But the traditional Bangla keyboard is difficult to type fast and without any mistakes.

I remembered that one of my friends told me that she can’t enjoy her blogging in Bangla works because of this problem. So she gets exasperated quickly. We tested several keyboard apps but most of them gave us no satisfaction and always had issues with their bugs or some issues like limited available fonts and many other problems. We thought we must find an alternative solution for Bangla typing keyboard users to solve this problem so finally after it’s long search and trial we found a free app named Bangla Keyboard with Bangla Console Free Version which helps all.

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Bangla typing is a familiar and long-due need of all the native Bengali users. Now Keyboard For Bangla, that is this Bangla Keyboard came into light, making our job of typing Bangla messages on smartphones easier and faster.

This is a great script type font app that instantly connects you to many varieties of fonts.

Having different fonts on your Bangla keyboard not only improves the typing experience, but also enables you to be more creative with the looks of your Bangla posts. The app contains a large number of fonts that allow you to type with ease and have fun while doing it.

Bangla keyboard is a unique and different keyboard which is especially designed to type Bangla Alphabet easily. This App also offers customization, super-fast typing and versatile fonts.

Bangla Keyboard App has brought revolutionary changes in the field of typing in Bangla. This app is a must for every Bengali who wants to type Bangla in his or her Smartphone.

It is made keeping customization at the zenith of creation. Thus, it will suit the criteria of every kind of Bangla keyboard user like students, bloggers, writers, business man and everyone else. They all can find here the best as well as the fastest way for their typing that too, with no added cost.

Bangla Keyboard can guess what word you want to write and also can translate from English to Bengali. Even if there is no internet connection, this bangla keyboard can work as a standalone machine. The AI powered Bangla predictive Bangla Typing Keyboard is an all-in-one Bangla keyboard which includes two major features: Bangla predictive typing and translation. This AI (artificial intelligence) powered bangla predictive keyboard lets you type in Bangla without the need for internet connectivity. Once you power on the AI Keyboard.

The keyboard can learn the letters by itself and replicate it after that. This helps any Bangla user to type accurately without effort even for a beginner.

It is a next generation technology to enable Bangla typists everywhere. Write in your native language without any hassle of learning new typing skills and inputting data manually.

This AI powered bangla typewriter also sends out your typed data to the cloud for checking if you made any mistakes and corrects them if there are any.

It’s not just any old keyboard, it has multiple language support including: English, Bangla, Tamil, Telugu and more.

The AI engine uses deep learning techniques to learn from your typing patterns and improves its performances.

The Bangla Keyboard is an AI powered bangla keyboard that enables users to type accurately and fast on their smartphones, no matter how inexperienced they are. It was designed keeping in mind the special needs of the users. The device has many advanced features compared to existing keyboards in the market like smart typed words, auto correction of typed words and sentences, hyphenation support etc. It can be used by anyone who wants to Type Bengal in English without ever using an external keyboard or writing pad.


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