This Summer, Rainbow Nails Will Be Everywhere

What nail is perfect for summer? The answer is Rainbow nails. For the rainbow nails, nails can feature any design but the art will be created with the right rainbow colors. It is a fantastic style that is perfect for the summer. The bright rainbow colors are very attractive for any nail shape too. You’re not alone if you’ve ever been scared by the nail polish wall at your neighborhood salon. However, we have some exciting news: rainbow nails are now a thing, making your decision a lot easier.

Rainbow manicures have been trending on Instagram for the past year or two, with each variation being cooler than the last, but now that salons are reopening, they’re taking over as the summer manicure. Although the original rainbow manicure consisted of only a different color on each nail, it has subsequently grown into a rainbow French manicure or rainbow nail art (think a different-color flower on each finger).

Although the trend is playful, it has gained the eye of high fashion, with models such as Gigi Hadid wearing it during the United Colors of Benetton show during London Fashion Week. The appeal is undeniable. In addition to allowing, you to wear all of your favorite summer colors at once, it coordinates nicely with the numerous other trends that everyone is currently fascinated with: hair accessories, prairie dresses, and little bags. Everything is a little cheesy, but it’s all a lot of fun. Plus, if you’re not quite ready to visit the salon, it’s simple to do at home with press ons. Either way, we rounded up the best rainbow nail designs to try this summer, below.

1. Classic Rainbow Nails:
Each nail is painted in a different color for the most iconic rainbow manicure look. This variant is our favorite because the pastel colors and matte finish give it a candy-coated look.

2. Mixed French:
Gigi Hadid wore a rainbow manicure by nail artist Mei Kawajiri to celebrate her 26th birthday. What makes this manicure so unique is that not only are each of the tip’s distinct shades, but each of the fingers is unique as well. Even the most undecided among us will find it useful.

3. Rainbow flowers:
It doesn’t get much cuter than a rainbow of floral tips. Because of the flowers’ larger size, this one would be pretty easy to DIY as well.

4. Stacked French:
Not only should you alternate colors on each finger, but you should also stack different tones to get the most out of your manicure. If you don’t have a lighter version of each hue at home, you may get a similar look by mixing a little white polish with your base shade.

5. Tie-dye tips:
Another fun way to wear the rainbow nails trend is by doing a different color on each hand. These Ombre tips feel so summery and cool.

6. Sweet Florals:
Adding dimensional flowers is an easy way to take a classic rainbow manicure to the next level. Bonus points if they are also rainbow.

7. Sticker Book Nails:
Brush up on your nail art skills by painting a different design on each finger. Unified tips pull the whole thing together.


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