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The life of each of us consists almost entirely of communication. This process seems to us very natural, simple and understandable. Sometimes communication goes pleasantly and smoothly, sometime conflicts occur. From the point of view of psychology, communication is understood as a system with an incredibly complex internal structure. With the development of technology and the daily use of the device, we also saturate our lives with communication in social networks. There are cases when it is difficult, and sometimes even impossible to fully and accurately convey our emotions in correspondence. It is for this reason we resort to the use of emoticons, stickers and various emojis. Now we have a huge variety of emoticons for every taste. An extensive range of free and paid emoticons and stickers. Most people have never even thought about what a particular color of a smiley face can mean, what additional meaning and emotional coloring it carries. By the way, conversation can also be not only romantic and friendly, but also business. Therefore, it is undoubtedly useful and even necessary to know what the smiley you have chosen and its color means. Moreover, it should be borne in mind that in different spheres a certain color can mean different things and carry different energy. For example, blue heart meaning varies depending on the sphere of communication and has a unique and unusual history of creation.

So, all the meanings of emoticons, especially if it concerns the heart, are based on the original motive for creating this smiley and directly on the psychology of color. Color psychology studies shades as a determinant of human behavior. It is important to take into account every color surrounds every person every day and everywhere. Moreover, colors evoke unique feelings and emotions, we react to each color differently. The choice of household items, clothing and accessories indicates a person’s personal inner feelings and his mental state and health. Preferences in colors characterize the mood and preparation for a certain event and are even able to show temperament.

The psychology of color also shows the choice of colors dramatically affects the psychointellectual state of an individual. As for communication, psychologists have determined that restrained and calm colors attract, calm, have a beneficial effect on the atmosphere, thereby improving people’s communication and relationships between them. For example, when communicating on the Internet, blue emoji usually creates a more reliable and safer atmosphere filled with support and sincerity.  It is important to pay attention to the fact colors are fully capable of influencing feelings and emotions. Scientists have proved that the main perception of colors occurs not by sight, but by the nervous system of the individual.

Each of us has subconscious associations with a particular color scheme. Undoubtedly, there is some kind of relationship between color and perception. Color is able to emotionally affect absolutely any person. It is able to frighten and disturb, excite and calm, attract and repel. Even advertising posters and various booklets are created and distributed, taking into account the perception of colors by a person. A certain combination of colors is better remembered and emotionally perceived better.

Some people do not perceive research on the meaning of colors and their ability to influence a person’s perception so much. They are sure all currently existing conclusions and judgments are unprovable and groundless. However, this is not entirely true, you just need to study this issue in more depth.

For example, few people know each color has unique components. They directly make up the visual character of the colors. So, for example, we can highlight the main colors and their shades. This happens for the reason color tone, saturation and brightness are usually distinguished among the components.

The color tone indicates the general name of the color. Most marketers mistakenly believe color tone plays a big role in their work. However, in reality this is not the case, focusing entirely on color tones is an incorrect and illiterate approach to business, because, according to research, components such as brightness and saturation play a much more decisive role in the emotional impact on the personality.

The brightness of the color affects how light or, conversely, dark the color looks. Saturation, in turn, shows how bright the color looks. According to the degree of saturation, faded or bright colors are distinguished. For advertising and marketing, the last two criteria are more significant and should be paid more attention to.

Knowledge of the psychology of color in marketing allows you to form the necessary attitude to the brand. Research and experiments in the field of color perception provide immeasurable opportunities in the advertising of products and the stage of logo creation. Moreover, with the help of color there is a chance to increase sales and profit.


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