Three Expensive Neighborhoods That You Might Want To Avoid When Looking For Austin Homes

If you have little ones, you can all enjoy the activities that each area offers. These are the perfect areas to experience fun and laughter from movie nights, outdoor concerts, and parades. However, there are expensive areas where you will end up paying far more than you have budgeted for.

To help you avoid this issue, visit the site to know three costly neighborhoods that you may want to avoid.

Lakeshore Addition Is A Beautiful Area

Lakeshore Addition is located in west Austin and is just under twenty minutes away from downtown Austin. The average price of a home is just over seven million dollars and has a square footage of seven thousand feet. As such, most of the houses are meant for luxury and are right on the waterfront. When you think of this area, imagine gated homes and spacious floor plans. In addition to the houses being excellent, there is also great shopping, entertainment, and food. There is always something to do here, which makes it a fun and innovative place to live.

 Summit At West Rim On Mount Larson

The area of Summit at West Rim On Mount Larson is located in West Austin. They have homes on the waterfront and homes with a pool. Stylish and with vast amounts of space, it is an excellent place for couples or families. Less than twenty minutes from downtown, the average price of a house in this area is five million dollars. Offering square footage of eleven thousand five hundred in most cases, these houses are the epitome of spacious living. In addition to this, these houses have the best views and have beautiful amenities and furnishings.

Austin Homes For Sale In TX, Come See Island At Mount Bonnell Shores

Another expensive area for Austin homes sale in TX is Island at Mount Bonnell Shores. The average price of a house here is five million dollars with an average square footage of just over six thousand square feet. This is the closest on this list to downtown Austin at just fifteen minutes away. The community dates back to the nineteen nineties, and it has continued to develop and grow. It is a fantastic neighborhood, and it features the most expensive homes with a high value.

Know What You Need

When you know what you need, buying a home becomes much more manageable. Now that you have seen our tips on the areas you might want to avoid, you can save money instead of spending over four million dollars on the house. While it is magnificent to do so if you wish, there are neighborhoods with the best schools, views, and entertainment while letting you stay on a budget. Using these tips, you can find the best home that works for you!


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