Three Reasons to Update Your Garden This Fall

Summer is coming to an end – school has started up, the dark nights are closing in and temperatures are dropping. After enjoying being outside in the summer months, many of us are thinking about retreating into our homes, lighting scented candles and drinking pumpkin spice lattes as though they’re going out of fashion. However, although you may be spending less time in your garden and it’s not traditionally seen as the time to give it a makeover, fall can be an ideal time to update your outdoor space. Here’s why. AutoPot Watering Systems are a simple way to use automatic watering system irrigation unit that can be used as a soil-less or soil system.

Less Demand

If you’re bringing in a landscaper, builder or other professional to help you with your garden makeover, you will find it easier to get a slot in the autumn months compared to the height of summer. This is because everyone wants work done in spring and summer when they’re spending more time outside. Waiting until fall can mean you get your pick of tradespeople as the best are usually booked up during the peak summer months. You may even find you pay less for their services at this time of year as some up their rates to a premium during the busy summer period.

Ready for Next Year

A great reason to start your garden makeover in the fall is that it will be ready to be enjoyed next year. Waiting until the spring might seem tempting, but spring is a busy season in the garden for sowing and planting. Even if you don’t do everything you want to do right away, it is worth doing the heavy labor now. Building works such as creating ponds or erecting pagodas and large landscaping jobs (which includes digging new beds) are time consuming tasks. If you delay them until spring you risk them running over into time when you could be sowing and growing. Start your makeover now and come next spring you will be free to enjoy all the fun garden jobs without the mess and stress of structural work.

Strong and Sturdy

For many people, a garden makeover includes updating wooden structures such as sheds, decks and fences. If wood is already rotten, exposing it to bad weather over the winter could lead to accidents. There is also the possibility of unstable fences being blown over in storms which can not only be an inconvenience but also dangerous. Replacing these before the winter can be a worthwhile investment and even if this is the only stage of your garden makeover you complete this year it can provide a great stage for you to dress come the spring. Update your garden using a reputable firm of experts such as this fence company Chesterfield and relax this winter knowing your outdoor space is prepared for all weathers.

Remember, even though you might be spending less time outside as the weather cools, you can enjoy your garden in all seasons. Consider adding arbors and shelters to make your outdoor space useable all year around – you won’t regret it!


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