Three Signs That Your Partner May Be Suffering From Addiction

Three Signs That Your Partner May Be Suffering From Addiction

Are you starting to think there is a problem with your partner? That they may be drinking too much and you think they may be addicted?

It can be a difficult time and you will certainly not be taking the decision to perform an alcohol addiction intervention lightly. What’s more, we can often pass off addiction in our partners as them just being stressed or “having a rough week”, but one week turns into two, three, four and it’s not only going to affect the both of you in the short term, but over the long too.

So how do you know if your partner is suffering from addiction? Well, there are a few tell tale signs in which it may be time to start seeking help for them…

They’ll start to lose interest in things, including you!

For those suffering from addiction, the substance they are addicted to will quickly become the number one priority. For those who suffer from alcoholism, for example, trips to the pub will become more important than evening strolls with a partner, and any plans will often factor in alcohol too.

If they have hobbies, they may start to lose interest, and you’ll begin to feel less attention is given to yourself, and you have fallen down the pecking order of their priorities.

Secretive Behaviour

Many people suffering from addiction will try to hide their addiction, and it won’t be difficult to spot a change in behaviour and your partner acting a little more shiftily or secretively. This can be hugely damaging to a relationship, as it will often resort to lying.

Of course, lying is the antithesis of a good relationship and it can lead to arguments and a real divide that can be difficult to overcome.

Change in physical health and mental wellbeing

Ultimately, you’ll start to see their health deteriorate both mentally and physically due to the reliance upon substances. Drugs and alcohol can cause damage to the likes of skin, hair and things such as oral hygiene, and they can be spotted pretty easily.

Alongside this, addiction can seriously harm mental health and you’ll start to spot changes in how they are feeling, which can also have an impact on your mental health and your relationship as a whole too.

That will lead to mood swings on their part, again causing friction in the relationship that is only really going to be solved by them getting the help they need.