Tips and tricks for Call of Duty: How to improve in COD Modern Warfare 2

Even though Call of Duty fans know Modern Warfare 2. Fortunately, Modern Warfare 2 is brimming with easy ways to raise the level of gameplay, there are still a lot of intriguing additions to know. To level the playing field, it is essential to take advantage of the strategies used by the pros, whether you are modifying intuitive settings in the menu or employing hidden techniques.

New movement tweaks, shooting mechanics, and other features are added every year, which significantly increases the learning curve for all players.

Do not worry if you are new to MW2’s multiplayer and are a little concerned about how you will perform in its infamously harsh online battlefields. There are other methods to make the game easier, such as using the powerful Modern Warfare 2 aimbot, hacks and other cheats to your advantage.

This article will help you overcome the difficulties of COD Warfare 2 with amazing tips so that you can improve your performance and with tactics to take down your enemies.

First level up

You are always free to use the weapon of your choice, but players using the greatest loadouts and weapons will always have a clear advantage. To get stronger weapons, perks, and attachments in the armoury, it’s essential to level up fast.

Playing multiplayer games with goals, like Hardpoint, or piling up kills in Invasion against AI opponents are the quickest ways to level up. After meticulously levelling up weapons you never intended to use in the first place and after completely customizing your favourite weapon, the game really begins.

The killing time is crucial

Comparing Modern Warfare 2 to previous Call of Duty versions, the time-to-kill is significantly higher. This causes it to frequently feel strangely similar to playing on hardcore or realistic modes in previous games.

This knowledge is essential because it ought to have a direct effect on how you perform. This incredibly quick time to kill fosters a deliberate and tactile playing style. It would be difficult to find much success if you are always dashing around the map at full speed!

To accomplish the killing, you must aim for the head; else, you risk arming a shotgun and destroying everyone in front of your screen.

Prioritize fast ADS speeds while lowering recoil when customizing your weapon. If you and your opponent both spot each other at the same time, the player who draws first usually succeeds.

Explore the minimap

Whether you agree or disagree with Infinity Ward’s adjustments to the minimap, you should always use it because it offers useful information. By using friendly scanners like UAVs or portable radars, enemies are exposed as red spots. The map also displays enemy killstreaks as large, ugly red symbols, giving you plenty of time to avoid them before you get blown up by stray mortars.

Sound is also very important for figuring out where your adversaries are. You can separate footsteps and gunfire to pinpoint their source with the aid of a good headset.

Know the gameplay

In Modern Warfare 2, the open, vast parts of the map are typically saved for the edges. The middle will typically be used for those close- and medium-range encounters. While this creates a fantastic interaction between the guns, it can also annoy players who aren’t aware of this aspect.

Players must be sure of the right time to use their loadout. Avoid running into Open Fields with a shotgun if you have one. It is also true that you shouldn’t force the sniper out of his slow-firing compound. As always, if you keep dying, change your loadout or move to a new area of the game.

Fire through cover/wallbang

In Modern Warfare 2, most walls may be breached by bullets. It is utilized to secure a kill against an enemy hidden behind cover and is frequently referred to as a wallbang. Consider yourself a sniper sneaking a peek from a contested vantage point. Skilled players will typically run, slide, or jump to cross. If you anticipate this play, you may choose to catch them behind cover for a chic defeat.

Fighting opponents that use the Trophy System to defend objectives is another realistic scenario. They can be removed by your team while hiding in cover when you utilize a UAV or portable radar to locate them on the minimap.


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