Tips For The Correct Styling and Caring of Human Hair Wig

Most human hair wigs can be combed, blow-dried, colored with straighteners or curling irons and of course cut. However, it should be clear when purchasing that you only use special styling and care products for human hair wigs.

Style by cutting

Basically, users opt for a long hair wig because of the beautiful, flowing mane. But tastes change. So many wig wearers use scissors to cut steps in the wig, shorten the bangs or give the fall of the hair on the back a different shape. Ideally, such interventions should be carried out by a trained hairdresser. The change through a hairstyle is, however, final in a human hair wig and should be carefully considered. It is better to buy a second human hair wig for styling purposes. If necessary, changes can also be made to a human hair wig or part of the top of the head by cutting. However, this is atypical, as toupees only want to hide a bald spot and tend to enhance the appearance with tints.

Style by coloring or tinting

The real hair of a wig absorbs color pigments from a coloration or tint very well and holds them in place for a long time. To change the style, beauty-conscious wig wearers prefer either the incorporation of colored strands or a complete coloring. It is recommended to protect the treated hair with a balm or recovery mask after tinting or coloring. This lets the selected color shine particularly beautifully and removes micro-damage to the hair structure.

Style through thermal styling techniques

Curling or straightening is a trend especially among women. High-quality human hair is sufficiently heat-resistant and therefore perfect for such a procedure. However, please always follow the instructions that the manufacturers enclose with each wig model. There it is then exactly specified at which temperatures the hair can be processed and whether z. B. a straightening iron may be used. In addition, protective balms and treatments should be worked into the hair to prevent hair breakage or wear and tear from the heat.

Tips For Cleaning, Care and Storage of Human Hair Wigs

There are many suitable products for cleaning and caring for human hair wigs, which at the same time preserve the hair structure and compensate for damage caused by environmental influences. The list of accessories also includes storage options for toupees and full lace wigs, some of which are also ideal for drying. These following care steps should be repeated regularly:

Cleaning and care of human hair wig

As before, a human hair wig is washed at least two to three times a week. The best way to do this is to:

  • Fix the human hair wig on a styrofoam head and clean the human hair strand by strand with a special shampoo and lukewarm water.
  • The wig should then be treated with other care products such as the balm or a hair treatment at regular intervals.
  • With a balm, a human hair wig, a toupee or a hairpiece on the top of the head gets moisturizing care and solid protection against environmental influences.
  • Again, section off your hair and work in the balm and then rinse. Another care option is that of the recovery mask against brittle hair ends and for the special regeneration of hair lengths. If necessary, this is incorporated in order to make visually visible damage disappear again and to prevent this.
  • Finally, the human hair wig can then be dried and combed on a wig stand. A toupee or hairpiece on the top of the head made from human hair must be cleaned using the same method. There are half-bowls for drying. But a wig head made of styrofoam is also well suited and at the same time intended for storing the toupee.

Storage of hairpieces and full lace wigs

For storage, wigs should be placed on a head-shaped holder. This will keep you in shape. Styrofoam heads, decorative heads made of plastic (with and without a bust) or plastic and metal stands in the form of an airy frame are common. Some plastic frames can be folded up and thus serve as a space-saving storage option for the real hair wig or the toupee or hairpiece on the head. With half-shells made of plastic or styrofoam, these are also a space-saving storage option. The box in which the wig was bought or delivered is also ideal for taking with you on trips. Wigs should only be kept in them occasionally. Because hair can be permanently damaged by folding and squeezing it.


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