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Tips To Choose The Best Wardrobe Design

Amongst the essentials of bedroom furniture, the wardrobe is undoubtedly one of them. It is an important accessory and one which nobody can do without as it is used to store our clothes, jewellery and other important belongings for safety and to give the bedroom an uncluttered and tidy look. Based on the available floor space of your bedroom, other furniture like your bed and dressing table, and last but not least, your storage needs, the most appropriate wardrobe should be chosen. Wakefit has a variety of wardrobe designs suitable for all types of bedroom spaces and is worth checking out.

Over the years, a wardrobe has been a necessity and has become a style statement for any bedroom. It reflects your personality and speaks volumes about your lifestyle. The best part about wardrobes is that they usually last for years, are portable and can easily accommodate house shifting scenarios. Over time, they carry your belongings and hold years of memories.

When you are in the market, you are bound to get confused by the variety of wardrobe designs available. These wardrobes are available in so many styles, textures, colours and materials that making a quick choice is just not possible. Therefore, we have decided to help you out by compiling this list of tips which can help you choose the best wardrobe designs for your bedroom.

  1. First and foremost, always prioritise the functionality. The style aspects of the wardrobe are important, but priority should be given to your storage needs and if the wardrobe is functional to suit your needs. So it is ideal if you figure out what exactly would go into your wardrobe, how you plan to separate various categories of clothing in the wardrobe and where each item would go. For example, if you are a bachelor, a  2 door wardrobe for a small room should be sufficient. Whereas, if you possess a large quantity of clothes, you would definitely need a bigger wardrobe, probably a 3 door cupboard or  4 door wardrobe with mirrors and separate drawers and shelves to help you organise your clothing and belongings efficiently.
  2. Go for a good quality build: As wardrobes usually remain with us for years on end, it is ideal that you choose one which is built of good quality material, durable and long-lasting. Although going for quality can slightly increase your budget, it would surely be worth the money in the long run. Your wooden wardrobe for the bedroom should preferably have features like water resistance and be made of anti-termite wood to ensure that its lustre and sleekness last for years.
  3. Complement your wardrobe with your bedroom furniture: To make a style statement with your wardrobe, look out for the modern bedroom cupboard designs of 2022. These designs often mix and match wardrobe colours and textures with the bed, dressing table and wallpaper of the bedroom. The latest modern wardrobe designs include wooden almirah with mirror and light-coloured wardrobes with wood polished in colours like white and beige, making the bedroom seem spacious.

Another trending modern wardrobe design is that of dual-toned sliding doors, which is really useful for compact rooms. The use of colours like pink, grey and nude green is increasingly popular in modern wardrobe designs. Some people with space constraints lookout for modern built-in wardrobes which use the wall space and are high-ceilinged. Some latest wardrobe designs are also equipped with a loft and seating adjacent to the cupboard doors. If you prefer a more vintage collection, you can opt for the classic dark brown shaded wardrobes with golden or silver metallic handles, which add a regal charm to any bedroom.

  1. Customise your wardrobe: It can be a huge disappointment when your dream wardrobe is delivered only to find out that it does not fit in your bedroom as you had liked it too. Therefore, to be on the safe side, it is best to customise your wardrobe according to your bedroom’s specifications, such as floor space and dimensions of your room, as well as mentally map the wardrobe’s alignment with the rest of the furniture of the bedroom to make sure it doesn’t look an odd combination. By opting for customisation, you can design your dream wardrobe as per your needs and desires.
  2. Search online: Although it may seem like buying furniture is not preferable online, it is, in fact, not the reality. Online shopping for furniture is easy and hassle-free and allows you to view various designs, understand their given specifications and technical details and correspond and match those with your needs. Online shopping doesn’t push users to make an instant decision and purchase; on the contrary, it allows users to browse a huge collection that is otherwise not available at retail outlets and ultimately take an informed decision at their own pace. Moreover, online shopping for most products offers users several discounts and promotions, which help customers make lucrative deals.


How did you find our tips for selecting your dream wardrobe? Try them out because they surely will make your life easier!


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