Tips To Creating Your Own Custom Jewellery

When creating your own custom jewellery, the planning stage is essential to ensure that you can bring your design to life. For your idea to reach its fullest potential, whether you are designing pin badges, necklaces, bracelets, or anything else, following these steps will help you bring your dream piece of jewellery into reality.

Look Online for Inspiration

Browsing jewellery websites for inspiration could be the first step. This will help you harness inspiration before you begin drawing. Once you are inspired, putting your idea onto paper should become much easier. It might be a good idea to check local arts and craft stores also, or if you have a favourite designer, see what they are producing and try to emulate the style of their work.

The Sketching Stage

Start with basic shapes and don’t expect anything spectacular from the first draft. This is still very much part of the planning stage. For this stage, all you will need is a blank piece of paper and appropriate pencils, along with your idea, of course. As you sketch, label each element of the design with the material you will be using for reference down the line. 

Choose Your Colour Scheme

Choosing the correct colours is elemental to your design. If you like bright colours, incorporate this into your sketches. You have the freedom of choice here, from metallic colours to more muted tones, to anything you may decide to choose. Freedom of expression is given to you here and you can create whatever you think of. Contrast dark and light tones, use 3, 5 or 10 colours, the choice really is yours! Remember, sometimes these designs look better on paper, so try and think forward and assess as to whether this would actually look as good as you think in reality. 

Shape your Idea

As you sketch, thinking about shapes will allow you to envision the end product as it would be in real life. Maybe you like sharp edged designs, perhaps spheres, circles and curves are more your thing. Consider matching the shape to whatever beads, gems or ornaments might be attached to it in its finished form. Again, freedom is given to you here and you can bring your most creative ideas to life through shape. 


It’s all well and good having a remarkable idea for a piece of jewellery, but is it practical? Can someone actually wear this? Wearability is key here, and as fun as it is to get carried away with an eccentric design, what’s the point if no one will be able to wear it? Also think about the weight of your jewellery. Considering where it will be placed is important if you wish to create a truly wearable item. Additionally, it may be worth considering whether a jagged edged design will be comfortable in a practical situation. 

Whatever you decide to create, always remember to have fun with it, as expression when creating new jewellery is what makes it unique, for any and every designer. 


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