Top 3 Marvelous G Shock Watch Thats all Time Trending

Top-3 Marvelous G-Shock Watch That’s all Time Trending

G-shock is a famous watch manufactured by Japanese electronics maker Casio. More than 30 years have passed since the first model was born in 1983. The G-Shock has evolved as the times change. Recently we have a lineup of products that can record daily steps by linking to a smartphone app.

There are different types of scenes in the current market, making it difficult for many to choose a good quality g-shock. Therefore, this time, we will introduce popular models that are easy to match with men’s fashion in a ranking format

1st place Casio (CASIO) G-SHOCK ORIGIN DW-5600E-1

It’s a model of the first G-Shock, which is a watch in the Origin series. This model of g-shock consists of a straightforward design. This watch is trendy in men’s fashion. It’s lightweight, and water-resistant make the watch more attractive.

This model also has a Yale backlight that provides visibility at night and in the dark. It has advanced technology functions like a timer and automatic calendar, and it is also great in terms of usage.

2nd place Casio G-SHOCK GW-M5610BC-1JF

This model is trendy for its square shape. The model uses a light metal core band which allows you to wear it comfortably for a long time., its excellent design attracts people.

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It uses Multi Bad 6, which receives standard radio waves from 6 stations worldwide. Due to this, the time is adjusted automatically, which is convenient for your trip abroad. Also, it is equipped with “Tough Solar”. You can save the trouble of battery replacement and use it for a long time.

3rd place Casio G-SHOCK ORIGIN GMW-B5000-1JF

It is also characterized by being equipped with a “smartphone link” linked with a Bluetooth-compatible smartphone. You can use various functions such as automatically connecting to a smartphone to adjust the time or playing the smartphone’s sound remotely to search for lost items.

Also, It is implemented with an LED backlight that is easy to see even at night, making it suitable for those who place importance on visibility.

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