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Top 5 best solutions for video meetings software


Top 5 best solutions for video meetings software 1
Actually, the best video meetings software system.

The main advantage among other services is the support for Ultra HD conferences.

You can invite participants directly through the app interface, which means you don’t need to send out additional links or schedule meetings in your calendar. Combine all the contacts in your address book, and you can invite an entire group to a meeting with a click. Demonstrate content on any device, control other participants’ microphones and cameras, focus on distance learning, and more with TrueConf.


Top 5 best solutions for video meetings software 2

A few advantages of this service:

The app was created specifically for video conferencing for many, many participants, so it has all the features you need. For example, you can pre-schedule the conference for a certain time, so that you don’t have to be reminded of the start of the meeting in the chat.

Each participant can adjust the display of the conference to himself – for example, to focus on the speaker or to see all participants in the discussion. The conversation can be recorded, but if the meeting is recorded, all meeting participants will receive a warning. If you don’t have an opportunity to speak, you can send a written message to the chat room. And you can list all participants in the video conversation or an individual as the recipient.


Zoom is not as well protected. Therefore it is possible that you and your colleagues could be “looked at” by a prankster. If you remember, at the beginning of the pandemic, the news kept going on and on about “hackers” disrupting school lessons. It is unlikely, however, that teachers at the time bothered to enter the conference by key.

When you turn on the broadcast, viewers immediately see the presenter’s desktop. This can be a problem if you are frequently distracted during office hours. Also, you will not be able to broadcast the screen using the mobile version of the program.

Microsoft Teams

Top 5 best solutions for video meetings software 3

Teams is not only a video conferencing tool, but also a complete tool for working remotely on common projects or for studying.

It contains all the traditional tools of video conferencing services. Participants can express their thoughts using both voice and text chat. Broadcasts can be recorded to send to absentees later. It is also possible to broadcast the screen to the rest of the conference participants. Moreover, the administrator can delegate this function to someone else. This is especially handy if several employees need to give a presentation, but you don’t want to make them conference administrators.

But there are some disadvantages:

The service has one global disadvantage that could influence you to abandon this app. Especially if you often have to communicate with people who work at other companies. Conference attendees who need to speak or share a screen must log in under the accounts of the company that started the conference.

Google Meet

Top 5 best solutions for video meetings software 4

You don’t have to download the app to start a conference. All you need is a Google account. Users can then choose between scheduling a conference using Google Calendar or starting it instantly.

The subtitle display is of interest. Users can also choose to display interlocutors and even adjust the number of participants on the screen.

What are the drawbacks?

To invite an interlocutor, you need to know his or her email address listed in Google contacts. Sending an “invitation” by phone number, alas, will not work.

The app does not support recording the conference, so sharing a video after the meeting is another impossible task. This can be a serious problem if, for example, your boss requires a report.


Top 5 best solutions for video meetings software 5

In Conference mode, users can switch between different viewing modes. For example, you can select “Grid” to see everyone at once, or “Focus” to follow one person at a time. Discord allows multiple people to broadcast their screen simultaneously.

Discord has a few serious problems that strip it of its title as a corporate communication tool. First, it only shows the screen in 720p. Want more? Buy the paid version for $10 a month. The maximum number of participants is 10. This can be a problem if you work in a large firm.

Last and most important. Discord collects everything you send it. Thus, there is no privacy at all. If privacy is important to you, it’s better to look for it in other applications.


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