Top 5 Corporate Airport Rental in Singapore

Top 5 Corporate Airport Rental in Singapore

First impressions can impact everything from gaining customers to closing deals incorporate. Most people form them within a tenth of a second. 

If international clients visit your office, you have a few moments to make a lasting impression. And making one starts much earlier than you think.

Instead of attending to your clients in the office lobby, you can make their commute to your office easier with corporate airport rental software. This way, they never have to wait at the airport to book. 

Instead, they can board a car you booked via the corporate airport rental software and have a quick commute to your office. 

If your company is based in Singapore, you understand how complicated choosing corporate airport rental software can get. 

After all, you need to consider the quality of service offered, the size, the vehicle maintenance, and the price point. 

This is why we curated a list of the top 5 corporate airports rental software to help you. So read on and make your pick.

Top 5 Corporate Airport Rental Software

  1. Rentlz

First, on our list, Rentlz is a solution from employee transport solutions provider MoveInSync for all your unplanned travel bookings. Whether you need a car rental solution for unexpected client visits, cars for your sudden transport needs or airport commute for your clients, Rentlz can help with all of them.

The corporate airport rental software simplifies the entire process, from car hire, search engines, to generating bills. It has a dedicated dashboard for employees that can be shared with everyone. 

This ensures anyone can make a booking without relying on the transport team. It also allows quick vendor assignments and gives notifications on successful bookings. Moreover, transport teams get notified of trip status as well.

Retlz also helps you ensure that the airport commute is safe and fuss-free. It only allocates cabs with registered drivers and ensures they follow extensive compliance protocols. It allows transport teams to track cabs in real-time, boosting commute security.

Retlz may not be a designated corporate airport rental software. But it lets you choose the pickup and drop-off location, route, and vehicle. It also allows you to pay for the ride in advance. This way, your clients or employees aren’t fiddling for cash at the end of their trip.

  1. BlueSG

Second on this list of corporate airport rental software is BlueSG. It offers car leasing services all across Singapore. It also has a fleet of premium Blue Cars. These four-seater vehicles are 100% electric and can be tweaked to fit excess luggage.

BlueSG allows you to rent a vehicle from your closest BlueSG ChargePoint. You can use the app to rent by clicking the start rental button. 

A suitable Bluecar will instantly be assigned to you. You can use this vehicle or select one of your choices based on your preferences using the change button. Once you do this, click confirm and start your journey.

Keep in mind that BlueSg provides a one-way car-sharing service. It means that once you book a car, you must drop it at a BlueSG charging point closest to your destination.

Like Rentlz, BlueSG is not a designated car at all. It is a car rental service that also provides trips to the airport. All drivers need is a driving licence, a valid ID card, a debit or credit card, and a device with an internet connection to avail this service. 

They can download the BlueSG app from the Play Store and enjoy the perks of corporate airport rental software across Singapore.

  1. Avis

If you have high-profile clients visiting your office. You make sure that they have the best possible commute to your office. Avis’ chauffeur-driven car rentals can help you with it.

You can book a car from Avis’ range of well-maintained and premium saloon cars, SUVs, luxury vehicles, and more through the company’s web software. Avis will make sure that the chauffeur is a professional driver. The cars also have comfortable interiors, mineral water, and in-car WiFi.

The best part about working with Avis Rent-A-Car is that the chauffeur-driven cars are available all year, 24*7. It also becomes corporate airport rental software when needed. 

So, no matter your client’s flight timings, you can expect an Avis car to wait for your client with a placard. 

Need luxury corporate airport rental software to plan your client’s next commute from the airport? Book a rental through Avis.

  1. Klook

Next on our list of corporate airport rental software is Klook. It is a traveller’s solution that also provides car rental services. It is not your average corporate airport rental software

The company is serviced by popular rental providers in Singapore. It includes Sixt, Avis, and many more. It means that the  users can rest assured they will get a premium service, regardless of their chosen vehicle.

Hence, you can use Klook as corporate airport rental software as well. This gives members access to specific travel products at an exclusive discount and offers on airport transfers.

The corporations as members can register, and soon after, their employees can make bookings using Klook’s rental service. The booking experience is as simple as it gets. Once you book a vehicle, you get an instant mobile e-ticket and can avail of same-day booking service. 

The best part? Reimbursements are simple thanks to easy invoicing as well. So, if you want to use corporate airport rental software, don’t hesitate to use Klook.

  1. Sixt

Lastly, we have Sixt as a car rental service. It has spread across 105+ countries, including Singapore. It offers highly competitive car rental packages to anyone looking to rent a vehicle.

It also has an app that doubles as corporate airport rental software. Sixt provides companies with business car rentals at affordable rates. 

A Sixt membership allows businesses like yours to enter client data and manage their mobility needs through a dashboard. 

Then you can choose the type of vehicle you want from Sixt’s vast pool of serviced cars and make a booking. The best part? You can choose any destination, including the airport. This makes the commute easier.

Over to You

Renting a car using one of the above corporate airport rental software helps you save on car maintenance, driver’s wage, insurance and Certificate of Entitlement, road tax, and other costs. All while ensuring your clients have a top-of-the-line commute.

You can make corporate car rentals faster and more convenient using a designated employee commute solution like MoveInSync’s Rentlz.

Visit the MoveInSync website to learn more about corporate airport rental software. Then, schedule a demo today to understand how MoveInSync can solve your corporate airport rental software issues.






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