Top 5 Football States of America

It is no secret that soccer is a common sport in America. In practice, the level of competition between soccer teams varies significantly from state to state, a fact of which true fans of this sport should be aware. Despite the vast number of states in America, there are those where soccer teams play significantly better than others. Fans can bet on the victory of their desired soccer team on the iBet789 platform. It is easy to use, which is why many bettors choose it.

A list of the best soccer states in the United States

As of the end of December 2022, among the most successful soccer states in the United States are the following:

  • Tennessee;
  • Ohio;
  • South Carolina;
  • Alabama;
  • Massachusetts.

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U.S. Soccer State Achievements

Tennessee has historically been the best state in soccer because it has won eight consecutive games. In addition, its representatives beat several teams that ranked high. Among them were the states of Georgia and Florida. In 1990, the last battle against a ranked opponent occurred with a perfect result. And if you want to ensure you get all crucial game moments, download the iBet789 apk. It will allow you to follow your favorites’ success without taking a break from your business.

Among the equally worthy groups in the country, Ohio State deserves special attention. According to recent polls between USA Today coaches, Ohio State has a respectable fourth-place ranking. However, in 2003, it had the highest ranking ever.

Among the best sports cities in the United States, South Carolina deserves special attention. The last ten years have been the most successful for the state, as five championships have been held, with Dutch Fork winning. 

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The highest concentration of soccer fans is in the leading soccer state in the United States, namely Alabama. It is due not only to substantial financial support from the state but also to the team’s success. The Crimson Tide has managed to be in the top 3 in the polls in the last two years. Massachusetts is also a soccer town. In addition to the university, there are many private colleges here dedicated to producing famous soccer players worldwide. This state has the most preserved soccer program in the country used in teaching. 

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