Top 5 Reasons to Choose Medical Dental Instruments- Dental Microscopes

With the advancement of society, people’s concepts toward eating and living change dramatically in the past few decades. However, there is a common phenomenon that an increasing number of people now are suffering from oral problems. The Lancet had released data from its latest Global Survey of oral diseases, which pointed out that more than 3.5 billion people on the planet lived with oral problems, and more than 2.4 billion ignored them in 2019! Not to mention in 2021! Therefore, it is vital to go to the dentist who provides professional service with capable medical dental instruments.

Reasons to choose medical dental instruments

Medical dental instruments refer to all kinds of instruments and equipment specially used in dentistry to examine or treat teeth—for example, dental surgical microscopes, root canal treatment apparatus, etc. As one of the essential medical dental instruments, a dental microscope is widely used everywhere. It is a scientific instrument universally used in clinical practice and provides dentists and patients with a more precise and more intuitive oral map to better solve oral diseases.

It is worthy of mentioning that MediWorks, a dental equipment supplier,owns a superior dental surgical microscope SM620. Such medical dental instruments are accepted by people worldwide due to the following merits:


  • 4 in 1 module

The medical dental instrument is in 4 in 1 module, which has integrated 30°extender, beam splitter, rotation ring, and 4K camera, improving the optical performance and reducing the weight of external accessories. On the one hand, it has an internal 4K camera with lower noise, higher sensitivity, and resolution. On the other hand, it can fulfill dentists with more high-definition images for accurate diagnosis.

  • Single finger control

The medical dental instrument is so convenient that only one finger is enough to control. Just handling with one finger, the user is capable of reaching and touching the multi-function knob, magnification knob, and variofocus objective lens with vertical sitting position. Besides, the constant magnification system allows it to 25 times. Therefore, continuous observing at the highest magnification won’t magnify or diminish the field of vision.

  • Multiple Filter Modes

The medical dental instrument contains copious filter modes which allow the dentist to carry out oral problems. For example, the white light source uses the best medical LED light source with high CRI, excellent color restoration, and uniformity of lighting spots. The orange filter is used for material filling, can prevent resin material from curing too fast. The green filter can observe the small vessels and bleeding points in the blood environment, while the fluorescence light source helps the dentist distinguish decay.

  • Superb balance arm

Dental surgical microscope SM620 is Equipped with dual-joint balance adjustment, which can better assure an ultra-smooth and ergonomic extension for dentists. It not only provides clear resolution but also helps the dentist maintain a neutral upright and comfortable position during surgery. 

  • Information display

With the LED display, zoom magnification factor and illumination statues will be visually showing filter mode. With variable working distance from 200mm to 430 mm and a continuous magnification system of 0.4x to 2.4x without changing the scene, it can promote dentists to solve troublesome oral diseases better.



With the expansion of oral patients, it is urgent to choose and use a high-quality medical dental instrument in dentistry. People can not ignore the exclusive goodness brought by the dental microscope.

It can not only bring convenience in diagnosing and oral magnifying problems professionally but also provide benefits such as keeping natural teeth, low surgery risk, less trauma, and recovering quickly. Furthermore, the merit of easy control helps dentists get a better view of teeth and provides them a comfortable position.

Established in 2004, MediWorks is an experienced equipment supplier. The dental surgical microscope SM620 from MediWorks with its charm features receives tremendous excellent feedback. In addition, MediWorks owns a complete R&D and production system combining cutting-edge technology of Optics, Mechanics, Electronics. The R&D team consists of several specialized personnel. Besides, MediWorks provides the best service with quick responses to customers’ questions and complaints.


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