Top 5 Tips on How to Arrange Your Clothing Closet

It is no doubt that most people put the least effort into organizing their clothing closets compared with other storage compartments in their homes. You will typically come across a pile of clothing or clothing that you do not need anymore in an unorganized closet. Such a closet looks horrible, and you could agree that finding particular attire could be a pretty complicated task. Nevertheless, organizing your bedroom closet could be an arduous task but very satisfying in the end. This article serves you with some vital tips to help you manage your bedroom closet effectively.

1. Empty the Closet and Clean It

Emptying the closet is the first and most vital step. Before setting up your wardrobe, please take out your clothes, whether you bought them from or a physical store. By doing so, you become aware of the space available to plan how you will organize and utilize it. After that, clean the closet by dusting and wiping your hanging rods and shelves. With an empty and clean closet, arranging your clothing becomes simpler.

2. Sort and Keep Your Clothes in Categories

Once your closet is empty, sort all your clothes into specific categories for easier arrangements. Sort them into undergarments, dresses, pants, shirts, sweaters, tops, coats and jackets, belts and accessories. When you sort the clothes in similar types, you will comfortably select those to keep, resell, donate, and throw away. After sorting the clothes, put them back in the closet organized while grouping them in their particular categories. That said, hang the ones you need to and fold the others to keep them on the shelves.

3. Arrange the Clothes on How Often You Wear Them

You often wear clothes, probably daily and those that you wear once in a long time. When arranging your closet, it is vital to keep in mind the frequency you wear the clothes. Keep the clothes that you regularly wear in the front or in the middle of your closet where you can easily reach them. Nevertheless, put your least-used clothing either at the back or at the top shelves. For example, place your work clothes and t-shirts at an eye-level where you can easily access them.

4. Use Hangers that Align

The hangers you use in your closet are a vital consideration to keep in mind. If your wardrobe has limited space, consider purchasing slimmer hangers. Slim hangers can hang more clothes than thick ones. For example, you could use the velvet hangers when the space in your closet is limited. In addition, avoid using different hangers and get uniform hangers to enhance your closet’s look.

5. Utilize Your Closet’s Vertical Space

You could utilize the space left beneath after hanging your clothes, closet doors, or the top shelves. In the extra vertical space, you could include shoe storage. Additionally, you could add additional shelves to keep your sweaters, purses or folded trousers.

As earlier said, arranging your closet can be a tedious and hard task but very satisfying. Therefore, when buying clothes, buy clothes you will need from either or any physical store of your choice.


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