Top 6 webtoon Websites you can read manhwa in 2021

In terms of Asian comics, manga is considered as one of the most popular comics. There are so many names that are familiar to you like: “Naruto, My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer”. In the comic market there are plenty of comics that come from many countries in the world, for example, “manhwa” from South Korea. You may have never heard this kind or web before but it is not a problem. Let’s find out what it is!

After being licensed by North American companies but not stable in the early 2000s, manhwa transferred itself from print to digital. Today it is popular under the name “webtoon”. Due to its essence is online systems, readers can access either via less-than-legal or free apps. But let’s support the original one. Here is the list of websites you can access freely.

Korean Novel, Chinaese Novel and Japanese Novel light novel and web novels are no stranger to Korean readers besides today’s Webtoon Manhwa reading sites.

When it comes to the Korean entertainment industry, you cannot ignore famous game companies such as Nexon, Gameevil, Com2uS, … with titles like ben 10 games, spiderman games, spongebob games, batman games, teen titans.  games are produced in Korea. (ANDROID, IOS, BROWSER) has its own variety of manhwa series as well as its obvious categories to discover easily. Whatever you want to read, all you need to do is search for its name in its accurate classification. This site includes both free or premium series. For premium, you can read only a few first chapters, for further chapters it costs some money by charging money or earning by watching video advertisements.

2. (ANDROID, IOS, BROWSER) are considered as the initial places of famous movies like: True Beauty or Cheese in the Trap… You can freely read comics on this site or pay money early to get new chapters.

3.  Manytoon (ANDROID, IOS, BROWSER)
Manytoon is home to popular series Solo Leveling. This site follows a familiar format: pay money for further chapters. However, some series make you wait at least 24h for the next ones. (If you are not fond of reading via apps, printed versions which are licensed by some North America publishers may be the better choice).

4. (ANDROID, IOS, BROWSER) allow writers to freely create types that they want. Not like other manhwa wesites before, the number of chapters you can read varies in different titles. Sometimes, you have to follow the “Wait Until Free” model to read more.

Like other platforms, you can skim through genre or update. Because it is a new manhwa website, a new feature is that you can get the schedule of the new release. Readers can purchase or monthly register to access to unlimit webtoob, manhwa comics.

Although include both selection of manga and manhwa, there is still a new feature that you can rent comics and read within 72 hours before it expires. It is cheaper than buying chapters.

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Hope those information can help you!


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