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Top Details to Add to Your Home Décor

Whether you are thinking of redoing your home décor completely, or your home décor has been the same way for a long time, and you are tired of it, there are many little details that you can add to your home décor that can allow it to flourish and look great once more. Here are some of the top details that you should consider trying to give your home décor a few finishing touches.

Wall Stencils

Wall stencils can prevent your walls from being completely plain and neutral. Although you might associate stenciled walls with children’s bedrooms, this is not always the case. Instead, there are many wonderful, subtle, and smart wall stencil options that you can choose for any room in your house. If you are not happy with any of the pre-created wall stencils that are on the market, you may even consider creating your own custom wall stencils. You can do this at companies like oaklanestudio.com. You will be able to add details to your home DIY and add as many stenciled patterns around your home as you would like. This can make your home look a little bit different from all the other homes on your street.

Add Fun Door Handles and Knobs

Although doors, drawers, and cupboards usually come with their own doorknobs and handles, if these have a boring design or are simply plain metal or wood, there is no reason why you cannot swap these out for different alternatives. To add pizzazz to your rooms, you should consider looking around for hand-painted door handles and knobs. These are usually still cheap and can breathe color, vibrancy, and fun into your room, while allowing you to support a local business while you do so. To find the perfect doorknob or handle for your home, you should consider looking around for door handles and knobs on online craft marketplaces such as Etsy and in small independent stores in your area.

Choose a Rug

Many people spend a long time deciding on the type of flooring that they are going to have in their home, and yet they forget to investigate the different rugs that are on offer. Not only can rugs protect your flooring, keep your feet warm, and ensure that you are less likely to slip on it, but they can also add a different texture and point of visual interest within your room. You should consider whether you are going to opt for a traditional or vintage rug from an antique’s center, a woven or woolen rug, or a faux sheepskin or bamboo rug. Your decision may depend on the theming of the room in question, as well as how durable you want your rug to be. You should also look into whether the rug in question slip-proof is and whether it is high-quality, or else you may have to invest in a rug pad. You may also have to spend a lot more to invest in a rug that is of good quality.


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