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Top Easy Tips to Write Your Article Online

Do you need an excellent website? As much as possible, at least more than your competitors? -Agree: Find the best photos, graphics, videos and animations. And use them moderately. Then write the best content according to your services.

Without content users cannot understand what you actually provide. Articles help to improve ranking of sites. Search engines look for terms that are meaningful in context. Writing SEO friendly articles is very important to rank with desired keywords on Google and other search engines. Check this page to learn about how SEO works.

 Write a compelling headline

Your headline should help your potential visitors. Of course, you need to be curious and encourage people to click. Therefore, always write the title first and try out some variations. You can choose the most successful one.

 Write in a language that the target group can understand

Write each text primarily for your readers, not for search engines, whether it’s a description of a product or service, or a specialized article for a surgeon, for example. Evolving algorithms help Google and collaborators understand if the text is well-written, attractive, unique, easy to understand, or packed with keywords.

 Investigate in detail and very accurately

Research is fundamental. If you want to get a lot of traffic shortly, your articles should be of very high quality. To do this, Google uses multiple search terms or short sentences. These are search terms that consist of multiple words and are entered by the user searching to find a solution to the problem.

  • Review the first 50 search results.
  • Open the corresponding page
  • Scan these pages for the right content
  • Filter dust
  • Read topics and develop article expertise.

With high-quality, long, and well-researched articles, you’ll always stand out from other bloggers and be ranked high in your search results.

The search engines evaluate not only the quality and quantity of text, but above all, the time users spend on pages (“site time spent”). Experience has shown that bounce rates are relatively high when the text is a long block with no paragraphs, lists, or subheadings and no referrals.

As already mentioned, Google Search, on the one hand, Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool, on the other, it’s good. Together, both approaches form the basis of articles optimized for search engines.

SEO title and SEO meta description

Now there is only one step left before sending the article to the world. Set a unique SEO title and an appropriate Meta description. For instance, the SEO title will for all time be used if you make use of a title different from Google search results for your website publication. 

The SEO Meta Description is designed to make Google search results more accessible for search engines to understand. Users can also quickly find out if the article in question solved their problem. SEO title and meta description are important ranking factors.

Under the writing editor, you can configure the settings in the editor of the SEO plug-in called Yoast-SEO, word press SEO, or all-in-one SEO. Writing excellent articles also means working on these little SEOs terms.


The power of words is unwavering on the Internet and in a world full of visual stimuli. A good written article gives your website most of the attention it needs.


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