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Top ideas to enhance the look of your walls

Enhancing your walls can spruce up the entire space giving it a fresh look. Boring walls can lead to monotony and eventually dull the vibe of the space. If you are looking for ideas to make your walls look stunning then chances are high that you must be either confused with lots of ideas or completely blank having no idea. Either way, you must be finding it difficult to decide what might best suit your wall. To your rescue, here’s a list of top ideas that would mostly suit all types of walls.

  1. Add an accent wall-Before adding decorative items to enhance the walls why not beautify the wall itself? Having an accent wall can automatically elevate the appearance of other walls as they complement each other. You can create an accent wall using wallpapers, wall stencil painting, or creating a textured or patterned wall. An accent wall generally draws a lot of attention and makes your room look dramatic. An added benefit of having an accent wall is that it can make the space look larger or smaller depending upon the design, colors, and shapes used.
  2. Incorporate statement art effects-Having a large-sized painting or frame can instantly make a wall look glamorous. Adding a statement art effect becomes the focal point of the room and tends to distract the eye from any imperfection that the wall may have. The art effect that you’ll be hanging on your walls must compliment the theme of your space. It must form a connection with various elements of the room giving an overall blended yet unique look.
  3. Hang mirrors or decorative plates-Decorative items are one of the best ideas to enhance a wall without putting in much effort. You can hang aesthetically pleasing mirrors or you can use your luxurious plates to be displayed on walls as decorative items. An amazing idea would be to create a pattern using small mirrors or using a large-sized aesthetic mirror to make your walls look stunning and vibrant. These mirrors would complement your wall painting color and enhance its beauty.
  4. Create a photo gallery on the wall- What can be a number one idea than having our favorite memories displayed on the walls so that we can cherish them whenever we want? Curating a wall with random-sized photo frames will surely be eye-catching. Choose simple frames so that they make the space look euphoric. Extending the frames all over the wall can create an illusion and make the space look larger.
  5. Create a green wall-A simple and eco-friendly way to elevate the walls is to add indoor plants to them. It is a myth that plants look only good on the balcony and windows. When plants are added to indoor spaces they not only make it look good but also add numerous health benefits that too at a low cost. To add to the beauty of a green wall you can use plant accessories like hanging pots, macramé plant holders, wall-mounted planters, etc.
  6. Add shelves or whiteboards and calendars-Along with making the wall look good, items like shelves, whiteboards, soft board planners, and calendars increase the productivity of the walls. These elements can also be eye-catching when used properly. For instance, creatively stacking the books can make the wall shelf look aesthetic, and making the whiteboards, calendars, and soft boards interesting by hanging items like world maps, constellations, and vision boards can also completely change the appearance of any wall.

Apart from these basic ideas, you can also use DIY art to beautify your walls. You can go for ideas like hanging handmade tapestry, wall paneling, painting murals, etc.

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