Top Suunto Watches You Can Get under $500

You might have already heard about Suunto and all of their greatness. If you do, you would know that they are top-tier watches to look out for this generation. The reason for that is that they have created some of the most futuristic pieces that you could ever see. However, if you have not heard about them yet, this is your chance for that.

It has not been long since the creation of Suunto because this company has only been made since 2019. That means they are still virgins in this industry. But, do not let that fool you because even if they do not have that kind of experience, there is no doubt that they have made some of the best futuristic watches of this generation. Here are some of them.

Suunto 5 White SS050304000 Men’s Watch

The best thing about them is that they do not produce high-priced products because they understand. So, without further ado, the first piece that will be provided to you is the most expensive one of the bunch. But no worries! Even if this is the most expensive one, it is still surprisingly cheap. It is the Suunto 5 White with the model number SS050304000.

It has a price range of about $450 up to $499 only. And for that price, you would be able to purchase a timepiece made purely out of Glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate. However, that is not the only thing that makes this piece unique. It also has a Mineral Crystal, which boosts its beauty on a whole different level. So just go ahead and check it out for yourself.

Suunto 5 SS050305000 Men’s Watch

The second piece that will be provided to you is almost the same as the first one. The only difference that they have is that it does not have that white-colored goodness. And this one is surprisingly cheaper than the other one. It has a price of about $400 up to $460. So if you are a little bit tight on budget or do not want the color white, this one’s for you.

Although they are both made with Mineral Crystal, it does not have Glass fiber since it is made with Reinforced polycarbonate only. However, this piece also has its perks, just like a pure Silicone material wristband and a water resistance feature of about 50 meters in depth. So you would still not regret it if you chose this piece.

Suunto 3 ZH GRANITE RED SS050497000 Unisex Watch

Unlike the first two, the third piece is a different piece when compared to them. That is because this is from a different series. Which means it would have different specs and designs to it. And this watch is none other than the Suunto 3 ZH GRANITE RED with a model number SS050497000. So it is pretty more prominent than the other two.

It is a highly digital timepiece packed with tons of unique features and specs that you can’t deny. However, even though this has a fantastic design and other features, it is surprisingly cheap. That is because it only has a price range of about $300 up to $360. Just with a single look, rest assured that you will fall in love with this piece.

Suunto 3 ZH PEBBLE WHITE SS050498000 Unisex Watch

Lastly, the cheapest and most affordable piece on this list is the Suunto 3 ZH PEBBLE WHITE Unisex Watch with the model number SS050498000. Since this one is made under the same series as the third piece, it has almost the same features and design. However, there is a significant difference. And that is the color combination of this piece.

The Suunto 3 ZH PEBBLE WHITE SS050498000 is made for all the people who love light and white colored watches. The reason for that is because they know that most people would opt for something more radiant-looking than dark-colored ones. After all, it would fit their lifestyle. You would be able to buy this piece for a price of about $300 up to $330.


There you have it, four of the best timepieces ever made by Suunto under two different series. Of course, it is best if you are having a problem choosing between all of Suunto’s watches. So, go ahead and try one out now and rest assured that you will end up buying them. Also, if you loved them so much, please do share this with all of your friends.


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