Top Tips to Make Team-Building Events Unmissable

It can be tricky to find the time to host a weekend event for your employees; everybody has different schedules, and many people already find they don’t have enough hours in the week. But studies show that companies who do take the opportunity to invest time and energy into the gelling of their staff see a number of benefits that improve the workplace.

Not only do these exercises build relationships, but they also allow employees and employers to discuss and resolve conflict in a healthy manner. Therefore, there is a key need to make sure these events are viewed as unmissable by all.


Start with a big one and find the right venue. This is important as it should be somewhere that is both large and comfortable enough to house your workforce. It should also have all the modern amenities and facilities that your team will need, covering aspects like food and drink, areas for resting and having a break, and bathrooms that can accommodate any disabled members of staff.

Also, depending on the company, the staff will have different expectations, but if you ask people to give up a weekend for team-building, it stands to reason that the venue needs to have a wow factor. Whether this means a high-end hotel in a metropolis or a rustic cabin by the lake, choosing a venue that will get your staff excited to experience is the first step to a successful event for you.


The kind of venue you have chosen will be instrumental in what activities your staff will have the opportunity to take part in. A winning combination of rustic luxury living and watersports on the lake is incredibly appealing, allowing employees the opportunity to experience activities they may not have seen before, as well as having a lot of fun.

On the other hand, if you have gone down a more metropolitan route, you may want to consider unforgettable city experiences, such as bridge walks, meals out at nice restaurants, and tours of the most interesting sites in the area.


One vital ingredient in an unmissable event is the food and drink provided. Eating and drinking are prime opportunities for people to build those all-important relationships with one another in a relaxed and low-key manner, giving team morale the space to grow.

Engaging the services of expert corporate catering companies such as Riverhouse Catering is a fail-safe way to guarantee that your guests are not only fed but experience premium produce, products, and service.

By using professionals, you are also negating the stress of catering to different dietary needs and allergies and instead allowing the experts to take the lead in all food and beverage matters, enabling you to concentrate solely on the specific goals for your event.


Studies show that when employees feel valued, they are happier in their roles. This leads to greatly increased productivity levels, a more positive and open work environment, and, therefore, a more successful company.

Team-building events are also proven to reduce workplace conflict as people can learn to work through issues in a supportive way. This shows how important it is to host events for your team where they are treated to a fun occasion into which thought and effort have been put, making their experience the best it can be.


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