Top Underwear Styles of 2022

No matter your body type or style preference, 2022 is a great year for underwear. Designers are embracing a range of underwear options, and there’s an abundance of types, colors, and styles for you to enjoy, but it wasn’t always this way.

Just a few generations ago, underwear had mostly a functional role as a barrier between our clothes and our skin. Colors changed little, and they mostly just covered things up. No one cared about how they looked because no one would see them except for perhaps family, and even that was pushing it.

It was also at a time when women’s dresses — or perhaps pants if she was bold enough, went down to her ankles or at least her knee. Men’s underclothes were the same since no one saw them either.

But various cultural trends in the 20th century brought us where we are today, which many agree is a good thing. Our styles have become less modest. And underwear marketers convinced us it doesn’t matter whether anyone sees what you wear–it’s about how you feel about what you’re rocking under your clothes. At present, we have even subscription service like Knotty Knickers, who provide excellent quality underwears to their subscribers.

So, women–and even some men–were essentially given permission to wear what made them feel good. You could wear different types to fit the occasion or even abstain once in a while. You can wear the same color all week or change whenever you feel like it.

The right type of underwear can even give a confidence boost on that interview, that date, or any occasion where you’ll be the only one to know.

A representative from Knotty Knickers, a leading underwear subscription company that advocates for body positivity and inclusion sees a bright future ahead for the industry. 

“There’s no end to the underwear options out there for people,” said a company representative. “Knotty Knickers subscribers tell us they love the variety and selection available in today’s lingerie market. There are underwear of every comfort level and for every occasion, and our customers are eager to try them all.”

If you’ve been considering updating what you’re wearing under there, it’s a good time to do so. You don’t have to change forever, but maybe get out of your comfort zone and see how things feel. You never know what you’ll experience.

Here’s an overview of underwear styles for 2022 if you want to consider something new:

  • French cut. This style nicely bridges the gap between the traditional brief style and something a little less so. You can achieve a solid waste but have larger leg holes, so you show a little more leg, but nothing too daring if you’re concerned about getting too crazy.
  • High waist. They can look good and add some comfort whether you’re wearing it for daily wear or for something special, like a lingerie set. They provide excellent cover for the backside and front side, and also the bottom of the belly.
  • Thong. This type of style that has little in the back is becoming more and more popular with everyone, especially as people find out you can be a little daring and feel comfortable about it. The front provides a lot of cover, but there’s less so in the back. You also don’t have to worry about larger panty lines as much. There are some flaws, however, in that it can become uncomfortable and ride up if you’re wearing it during a day when you’re moving around a lot and in different positions.
  • G-string. This style makes the thong look modest. It relies on little covering for the front, even less on the back, and is almost as comfortable as going without underwear at all. Yes, this style used to be reserved for swimsuits, but now anyone can enjoy the benefits of wearing very little.
  • Floral patterns. These add some nice diversity to underwear that’s typically all the same color. A swirl of floral designs adds a classic feel as well, especially when part of a matching bra-panty set.
  • Bodysuit. Some people like the mix-and-match appeal of a set, where they can choose whatever top and bottom, they want, or match them both in terms of color and style. Others prefer the ease of one garment that includes both. This could be handy for lingerie and daily wear. It can help you feel classy as well. Plus, there are also some fun embellishments for these, such as cute ribbons and bows.
  • Control top. Yes, you can wear something that helps you look slimmer that looks good. There are some good options for apparel that can go up to your navel or even a bra line. It holds things in and can make you look slimmer.
  • Vintage. By this, we don’t mean the shapeless, colorless undies that some wore in the past, but the more fabulous styles worn by elegant women. Think glamourous and sexy accenting the right places. These can still cover well but have a glamorous feel.

Overall, underwear experts say that the underwear of 2022 will be fun and functional. Even basic briefs may have light touches such as lace and other attractive accents.

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