Top Virtual Escape Rooms to Play Online

Virtual Escape Rooms are a fascinating game to play. It has become trendy during lockdown caused by the Coronavirus. If you want to enjoy a real-life adventure through a game in 60 minutes, you must play the virtual escape room online game. Virtual Escape Rooms gives you a unique experience where you can get a closed virtual room. You will have 60 minutes to get out of the maze to earn the trophy. To escape from this, you need a room key, and for this key, you have to solve various puzzles in the room. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

In this article, we are going to tell you about the best and most intriguing virtual escape rooms.

Hogwarts Virtual Escape Room:

This game is fascinating for those who are crazy about Harry Potter. In this game, you will be locked in a magic room. To get out of this room, you have to solve various mysteries and respond to the trifle question. Then you get a key to leave the room. So want to challenge your homies or family? Try playing the Hogwarts Virtual Escape game.

Besides Hogwarts, the leamington spa escape room is also an exciting online escape room game. Get ready for a competition!

The Fourth Samurai, Escape Hunt:

The British firm has allowed people to play the IRL Escape hunt game on the internet. You can also get a cool avatar. In this game, you communicate with your teammates how to find the escape code while protecting your sword. If one cannot encrypt or find the code before the deadline, the sword attacks him. The one who gets the code gets the honor of fencing.

Trapped In The Web:

This game has rooms with five different themes, such as night in the theatre, cabin fever, space race themes. Each theme has its own story and mysteries used to collect clues to get out of the room. Additionally, this game is based on almost general knowledge. You can play this game with a group or alone. You have up to 2 hours to get out of this room. Can you complete the challenge?

The Crimson Room:

This is a Japanese game. Its theme is relatively easy to understand. If you are a newbie to escape room games, then you should begin with this game. In this, you are locked in someone else’s room while intoxicated. You need to solve the mysteries within a short time. This game is played alone.

Pro Tip: Time runs out quickly; gear yourself before beginning.

Deadlocked Escape Rooms:

This game is perfect for playing with family and friends as it is designed for group players. There are three episodes of this game in which you get an entry in Wexell Corporation. In this, you have to find the mole of the company using sensitive information. Besides, you should have to arrange a meeting with your team for each episode and make a strategy to win the game.

Coupled with, try team building in Cbd Sydney if you are interested in online live escape room adventures. Plus, all these games are full of adventure, and you will find them easily on the internet. Enjoy these games with your family and friends in the boring days of lockdown.

Are you up for a challenge? Start playing the games to boost your mind and refresh your soul.


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