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Top webtoon Websites is still thriving despite of Covid-19 in 2022

The Covid-19 epidemic has lasted from 2019 until now and shows no sign of ending, however, not because of that, the Korean webtoons industry has slowed down. A content creation agency Kocca shows that the webtoon industry is still growing very strongly since 2019. The numbers prove it. According to the survey, the number of people reading webtoon has increased by 37.4% during the Covid period and 63.4% of people said that they read the webtoon weekly. In addition, the webtoon’s revenue is also a surprising number when in 2019 it earned 640 billion won, equivalent to 577 million USD, much higher than in previous years.

Covid did not stop the webtoon industry, but also a springboard for their development. According to the report, 60.5% of webtoon companies increased their sales and 71.9% of their foreign sales also increased sharply. However, the illegal online webtoon is causing a great loss of about 318.3 billion won. They said they know it’s illegal but this is actually a good payment. And they also confessed that they will continue to do this in the coming future. Therefore, Kocca has coordinated with the Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism to carry out a campaign to raise user awareness and remove illegal online webtoons. The department has also worked with the police department to track down and arrest violators.

Companies did a survey and found that there are about 3,438 webtoonists but only 1692 of them are subscriptions, the rest are not. They indicated that they only use webtoons platforms such as Manycomic,Lezhin, Kakao , Naver and Daum. Of them, about 70% are female, the rest are male, and half of them are in their 30s.

Nearly 70% of those authors are directly working with their drawings and manhwa, about 52.6% of people need an assistant. Their annual income is about 48.4 million won, and only about 30.6 percent of people have an annual income of more than 50 million won.

However, to achieve such success, the authors have to face many other problems such as declining health, not much time left to rest, work pressure, high workload, .. In addition, many authors also fall into the case of being deceived or forced into a contract, and during the time of signing the contract, they encounter many injustices. They say that about 9.4% of people sign contracts according to government standards. Although many people say that Covid has not affected their composing work, 23.1% of people think that they have lost many opportunities and about 4.7% of people have lost their jobs and canceled their contracts. clear cause.

Kocca has affirmed that they will thoroughly investigate the causes and find appropriate solutions to protect the authors.

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