How to Complete the TOTS Plus Pedro Goncalves Objectives Challenge in EA Sports FC 24

Portuguese international Pedro Goncalves is one of the latest additions to the EAFC 24 Objective Challenges series. Before you rush out to buy cheap FIFA coins quickly in the hopes of spending big on elite players, try your luck at the latest Objective Challenges to get your hands on a 91-rated card for virtually free!

What Objective Challenges do I need to complete?

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It’s time to stop searching for FIFA coins PC and start looking for ways to get this versatile card. Like the Dusan Tadic TOTS Plus card, you need to complete four different objectives. Keep in mind that these need to be done either on at least the semi-pro difficulty if you’re playing squad battles or in the Champions or Rivals modes.

Technical Finisher: This requires you to score five goals with players having at least an 80 dribbling rating.

Smooth Distribution: This one seems simple enough; set up five goals for your teammates.

Double Up: Get a goal and assist with a Portuguese player in two different games.

Portuguese Winner: Secure victory while having at least two Portuguese internationals in your starting lineup. My recommendation for this and the Double Up challenge is to choose from the following players for your lineup: Joao Felix (Barcelona), Rafael Leao (AC Milan), Cristiano Ronaldo (Al-Nassr), Bernardo Silva (Manchester City), and Vitinha (PSG).

What do I get for completing the challenges?

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Apart from the 91-rated Pedro Goncalves card, you’ll get the following rewards for each objective:

Technical Finisher: Two 80+ Rare Gold Players Pack

Smooth Distribution: Two 81+ Rare Gold Players Pack

Double Up: Two 81+ Rare Gold Players Pack

Portuguese Winner: Five 75+ Rare Gold Players Pack

If we talk about the card itself, you’re getting a pretty good addition to your squad.

For one, he is a very versatile player who can function in four different positions, including the LW, CM, LM, and RW. His 90-degree acceleration and sprint speed allow him to bombard up and down his favorite left wing. The 95 balance and outstanding ball control aid him in this regard as well, giving him the onus to beat his man and cut inside. From here, he can get in some pretty deadly shots with a finishing ability of 93. While his long passing isn’t great, he is pretty good in tight areas thanks to his 92 short passing.

With this card, you’re also getting access to some pretty sweet Playstyles+. The Incisive Pass trait adds a zip to your ground passes so they reach the target faster without breaking attacking momentum. As the name suggests, the Trickster Playstyle allows him to perform some neat tricks to beat his man. And finally, the Finesse Shot trait helps him find those sweet top corners of the net once he cuts inside.


Safe to say, you don’t want to miss out on these Objective Challenges cards. While they certainly won’t cause your opponents to tremble in their boots, cards like this one of Pedro Goncalves are great for you if you are on a budget and looking to rejuvenate your squad.


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