Troubleshooting your laptop

If the laptop is broken, you want to know how to diagnose a malfunction, the possibility of repair and the price. That is, before the repair of the laptop is necessary preliminary diagnosis. Do not forget that it is not always necessary to run out and buy a new laptop. Sometimes it’s enough just to replace the part, the main thing is to find a good, trusted store, we advise –

In this article we look at the faults of laptops, as well as their diagnosis.

Laptop hard drive problems

Hard drives in laptops and desktops are not fundamentally different. They have the same problems, diagnosis and repair of hard drives in laptops is carried out in the same way. The most common malfunction is damage to the magnetic surface of the drive, resulting in damage to the magnetic layer and data.  Damage can be diagnosed with special programs such as mhdd, HDDScan. Software bad sectors can be repaired, hardware bad sectors cannot.

If the drive is damaged, e.g. if the controller or surface is defective, it must be replaced. Transferring data from a damaged drive requires some data recovery, so you cannot clone the drive without it. Data recovery is a separate service and usually costs more than the device itself.

Laptop keyboard malfunction

Troubleshooting your laptop1

Laptop keyboards most often fail after liquid spills and mechanical damage. Rarely, due to broken wires and malfunctioning of the electronic part. In a notebook keyboard it is possible to repair only the individual keys without much effort. In addition, different laptop models may have different keyboards. A very specific keyboard is required for a particular laptop. Other keyboards are unlikely to fit due to differences in fasteners, shape, stub.

A very common keyboard malfunction in almost all laptops, even new ones, is the cursor jumps to an arbitrary place. This happens because of the touchpad. The solution is to disconnect it and connect the mouse, nothing else helps.

If some of the keys are broken, you can replace them. You will not assemble it yourself – most likely, you do not have enough experience. After all, the fasteners and lifting mechanism are under the keys. To do this, you need to bring a laptop in the workshop, an experienced technician will determine the type of fasteners and pick up the appropriate key with a fastener for replacement. Usually, the plastic fasteners of the buttons are broken. If the metal parts of the fasteners on the keyboard body are broken, you need to replace the entire keyboard.

Laptop power supply malfunction

Troubleshooting your laptop2 

Perhaps the most common malfunction of a laptop is related to its power supply. Power supply repair makes sense if there is a breakage or short circuit in the cable or connector. In other cases, it is better to replace the PSU, as electronics are difficult to repair. Here is why. The case of the charger is laminated, the layout is very tight, the elements are often sealed with sealant. What’s more, there are no schematics, and the burnt-out ratings are unknown.

As a replacement in most cases, a universal charger is suitable. The exception is adapters with a three-pin connector. The third contact is used as a service contact for data transfer. The universal power supply is chosen depending on the maximum power. It contains a set of different interchangeable plugs. Usually, it is possible to find the right one for your laptop. The risk of buying a cheap charger in the following: it can work badly touchpad, keyboard. In order not to make a mistake with the choice and choose high-quality parts, we recommend a reliable store of spare parts for laptops –

Signs of a faulty power supply unit:

§  the laptop does not charge;
§  does not turn on;
§  no indication of charge on the switched off laptop;
§  no voltage at idle on the connector.


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