Types of Bras That Should be in Your Closet

Types of Bras That Should be in Your Closet


Girls, you must have faced such a situation where you have already chosen a dress or a top but you have no idea what kind of a bra will go with it. Or, have you picked your office dress and are not sure whether to wear a t-shirt bra underneath it. If you often find yourself in such situations, it is time to get your basics right. To help you out, we are here with a complete list of the most essential types of bras that you must possess. 

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Some of the must-have bras that you must include in your wardrobe are as follows:


1. Padded bra: A padded bra is designed in a way that it has padding to give an appearance of bigger breasts by adding volume to the breasts. It comes with padding of foam to accentuate your breasts and thus highlights your assets. If you feel that your breasts appear too pointy, you can use a padded bra that gives a proper shape to your breasts.


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2. Front open bra: As the name suggests, instead of opening from the back like a traditional bra does, a front open bra has a clasp that sits on the front in the middle of the breasts on the breastplate. It makes the task of opening and wearing your bra easier and stay secure with a single clasp or hook. A front open bra can be a great option for wide-set breasts as it keeps the busts towards the centre and gives a natural shape to the breasts.


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3. Transparent bra: Transparent bras have clear shoulder straps and back bands which go well with backless and low back outfits. They are often designed with pretty and intricate lace fabric that adds glam to your ensemble. 


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4. Bralette: Want to look uber stylish at a party? How about ditching your regular blouse a ditch and wearing a fancy bralette with your favourite sari! Sounds perfect, isn’t it? Made of lacy fabric, they will instantly up your style quotient. Devoid of wires or hooks, they can be the ideal pick when you want to combine comfort and style. They can also be worn as crop tops with jeans and skirts, and you are so ready with your look. 


5. Sports bra: When you are running or jogging or participating in any sports, you would not want your breasts to jiggle, right? In this situation, a sports bra comes to the rescue and holds your breasts in shape, and hold them firmly in place. They are often made up of polyamide or powernet fabric that is super breathable and stretchable, thus ensuring that your movement does not get restricted.

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6. Push-up bra: Add oomph to your outfit and give your breasts that much-needed lift with a push-up bra. There are different levels of padding and you can choose one, as per your size. Level 1 provides a small amount of lift while level 2 adds a whole cup size. If you want to go all the way, you can choose level 3 which adds 2 cup sizes and enhances the size and lifts your breasts. Push up bras are perfect for defining your curves and enhancing your style by adding definition to your cleavage


7. Strapless bra: When you are planning to wear an off-shoulder dress or a halter-neck outfit, a strapless bra can come to the rescue. This type of bra has broad wings to give support to the breasts and it comes with side boning that holds the bra in shape. These bras often have high coverage cups and silicone edges that keep the cups from falling down, thus ensuring utmost support. These bras give you all the support of a regular bra without having the shoulder straps, so you don’t have to worry about any peek-a-boo moments.

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When you have already spent so much time perfecting your wardrobe that it has a collection of the most stylish dresses, you must be well prepared with your lingerie ensemble too. Do not at any cost settle for the same old ones and upgrade your lingerie closet with our latest designer bra collection.

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