Types of Dog Harnesses and How to Put Them On

Types of Dog Harnesses and How to Put Them On

No one of you would like to have “A Dog” that jerks you over the sidewalk pursuing a squirrel or any other living thing while lunging at strangers passing by. Don’t worry, no need to be ashamed. Confessing there’s an issue is the primary step to amending it!

You only need a harness to control and train your crazy pooch. Some canine holders prefer to utilize a harness instead of a collar on their dog. It makes the doggie more relaxed or lessens the likelihood that he will slip off his leash. Comprehending how to put on a dog harness is indispensable! Click Here to find the best harnesses.

Guide to Put on a Varied Types of Dog Harness

There are various sorts of dog harnesses according to the necessity of every dog. Every kind of harness requires a different approach to put on. No dog harness is effortless to put on; it all depends on the dogs and their keepers. Given below are the three basic types of dog harnesses and step by step guidance about how to put them on:

1. Back Clip Dog Harness

Out of dog harnesses available in the market, back clip harnesses are the most versatile and basic types. This kind of harness is perfect for a calm dog or a small breed dog.

Main Advantages:

  • Easily available
  • Unreachable by dogs to prevent chewing of it
  • Fewer chances of tangling or tripping the leash

Follow these steps to put on harness:

Step 1: Go behind your dog

Step 2: Slide the harness over his head

Step 3: Slide the dog’s paw through the leg openings

Step 4: Buckle the harness, and your dog’s other leg will be in the proper hole

Step 5: Make adjustments to the fit harness properly

Step 6: Clip the leash to the D-ring

2. Step-In Dog Harness

A step-in harness is perfect for canines who dislike owning a harness. It is called so as you can put it by stepping off your dog into it.

Main Advantages:

  • Simple to put on
  • Usually are back-clips
  • Ideal for dogs of small breed

Follow these steps to put on harness:

Step 1: Go behind your pooch

Step 2: Place the front feet of your dog in the triangles

Step 3: Now it’s time to clip together the strap buckles on the back of the dog

Step 4: Adjust if required

3. Front Clip Dog Harness / Anti-pull Harness

In this type of harness, the loop is found in front of the dog’s chest. Due to this, the dog feels pressure if the dog moves forward, and it then tends to stop.

Main Advantage:

  • Easily available worldwide
  • Liked by dog trainers for training

Follow these steps to put on harness:

Step 1: Take into position

Step 2: Set the shoulder leash across the dog’s head

Step 3: Now it’s time to ties the belly strap

Step 4: After adjusting the chest strap, clip the leash on


Putting the harness on can assist you in tackling your dog. But take care of your puppy while doing this. Google out to find the best harnesses for your puppy.






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