Types of hackers that you need to know about

Hacking is an extensive field and it consists of various niches and markets just as any normal business does. There are hackers who engage in the hacking activities for the sake of bringing some good towards the development of an impenetrable product, there are hackers who hack stuff just for the fun of it and then there are those who have some twisted ideologies and personal gains behind the hacking. So, it is not that difficult to separate all these categories based on their interests and doings in the relative understanding of hacking. There are those who can justify why they do it and there are those who have no justification and only want to do wrong and spread hatred around. Following are some of the common types of hacking that you need to understand;

  • White hat hackers

White hat hackers are the professionals who are certified or authorized to commence the hacking of the said systems as these have the required skills and expertise to do so. These are known as the white hat hackers and cybersecurity firms and industries hire these professionals to hack their security systems and then underlining the various nodes of breaches or weakness that exist so they can patch it up. The endgame here is to make sure that the future security systems are more secure and up to date in every possible way so that when a real hacking event presents itself the system would not give in that easily.

  • Black hat hackers

These professionals also have sound knowledge of the cybersecurity systems and hacking practices but the main difference lies in their intention which is nothing but wrong or evil. These will hack the security systems of companies to extract personal information on their employees without any authorization of any kind and will hack financial systems to deprive the people of their hard-earned money. The black hat hackers are the most vicious type of hackers out there and they do for the sake of fulfilling their own twisted ideologies. 

They do so by attacking the system and the work starts by understanding its security protocols and finding any vulnerability that exists, once they have found the pressure point they will not back down and will push it all the way until the security systems have caved in.     

  • Grey hat hackers

The grey hat hackers by comparison fall in between the white and black hat hackers, these are not the certified hackers and they don’t have the main group as well to call it their home. These people might have some or incredible understanding of the cybersecurity systems and such and might work with either bad or good intentions in mind. Their intention differentiates their character along with the class of hacking they will fall under, if they do hacking for personae gains then it is likely that these are the grey hat hackers. They might join the good side at the end of the day or contrive with the bad side, it all depends on their personal intentions and which side they favor at heart. 


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