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Typical mistakes of Instagram bloggers

Many users believe that blogging of their own cannot be judged as right or wrong. Bloggers often keep their accounts and don’t even think about the reasons for bad statistics. They are only surprised that they cannot effectively gain an audience and increase its activity. In this article, you will find out what mistakes bloggers make most often and how to get rid of them.

Incorrect accounting of subscriber statistics

Most often, when it comes to audience statistics, bloggers only count the growth of subscribers. For example, if an account had 10k subscribers, and a month later it became 12k, then the author might think that only two thousand people subscribed to it in a month. However, this may not be the case. Consider audience churn. If you see that people are unsubscribing from you, then you should not immediately buy followers Instagram. You should try to communicate with your audience more often, listen to their opinion about your work and post quality content. In this case, you will receive positive feedback from a large number of people who will be happy to actively manifest themselves in your account.

Too much content

When authors see that profile activity has dropped, they start posting huge amounts of content with little or no interruption. They buy Instagram followers and start posting photos, videos, Stories and Reels daily. This is wrong because it loses the quality of the content.

No matter how hard you try, it is very difficult to create quality content on a daily basis. You can do this for a couple of weeks, but in the future, interesting ideas will certainly disappear and you will have nothing to publish. After a period of high productivity, there is often a period of depression and procrastination. It is much more effective to think over the texts for posts, make stylish pictures and shoot interesting videos, but this is not done so often.

Desire to get into the TOP

Naturally, every blogger wants to get into the top of the most popular people on Instagram. In addition, most authors want their posts to go to the top of the feed for all users and for the platform to promote them. But this is too global a goal that prevents many bloggers from gradually developing in their topic. You should first of all pay attention to the topics in which you want to be the best. Try to work for your audience, and then grow it.

Buying ads from other bloggers

Of course, buying advertisements from famous people is not always a bad thing. However, it often happens that a budding blogger buys ads from a popular content maker, but does not receive anything in return. The problem is that many do not carefully evaluate the audience of famous authors and therefore do not receive positive feedback from their followers. If you want to buy ads from someone, be sure to analyze their audience and decide if they really want to go to you. Otherwise, you will simply lose a lot of money.

How to avoid mistakes?

In order to avoid such mistakes, you should pay more attention to analyzing the statistics of your profile, read various articles on the topic of Instagram and constantly monitor the updates of this social network. We hope this article helps you promote your account.


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