Ultimate Spoofing Guide For Gamers

Cheating is part and parcel of every video game. Players from different parts of the world try to use various hacks while playing these video games. From Apex legends hack to COD modern warfare hacks, hacks available for most of these video games. Using these hacks, you can improve your gameplay and rank higher in the competition. With the advent of competitive online gaming, players have started using different tricks to ace and keep up with the competition; thus, despite repercussions, various hacks and tools come in handy.

Spoofing is one such hack that is used in many of these online video games. The primary use of spoofing is to prevent the ban that is implemented for using different illegal hacks.

In this article, we will go through a step-by-step guide on how to use spoofing in these video games. GPS spoofing may be risky as you need to root your device, and this may damage your device.

What is spoofing in games?

Spoofing is the act of masking your online activities and changing your location while playing the game. This is usually to get access to more unique features in bigger cities as compared to rural areas. You get access to more opportunities by spoofing your location. A virtual private network is used for spoofing in video games. There are also GPS spoofing apps available for this purpose.

There are mainly two types of spoofing that are used in video games:

  • GPS Spoofing
  • HWID Spoofing

GPS Spoofing

GPS spoofing can provide you with many benefits in your video game. For instance, you can get access to more characters while playing a location-based game. GPS spoofing will help you to change your location, and you can reap the benefits of your preferred location.

GPS Spoofing Guide for Android Users:

  • Select and Install a free VPN
  • Download fake GPS location app
  • Enter the developer settings in your mobile phone and allow mock location
  • Install a module called mock, mock locations and enable it
  • Enable VPN and choose your preferred location
  • Ensure that the spoofing app is turned on and change the location accordingly
  • Open your game and enjoy it!

GPS Spoofing Guide for IOS Users:

  • Select and Install a VPN
  • Jailbreak your IOS device
  • Open Cydia ( app store for jailbreak devices) and download tsprotector to hide your device’s status.
  • Install a location spoofer app.
  • Run both tsprotector app and location spoofer app
  • Choose your preferred location in both spoofer and VPN apps
  • Turn on and enjoy your game!

Errors while GPS spoofing

Many players have reported a common error that occurs when they use VPN while playing the game. The common error looks like this: “Error 12: failed to detect location.” There are 3 different reasons for this error, and they are mentioned below:

  • The feature of ‘Find My Device’ is enabled on your device.
  • GPS signals are not received in your location.
  • You have not enabled mock location in your smartphone settings.

A simple solution to this problem is to reset your location settings on the device. Another solution can be to clear the data and cache in the game.

HWID Spoofing

In many video games, players are banned from using different hacks while playing. In these situations, an HWID spoofer is used to evade the ban or prevent the player from that ban. There are many free and paid HWID spoofers available on the internet. The HWID spoofer changes your hardware ID to prevent the ban.

Some of the best HWID spoofers are:

  • HWID spoofer Rex
  • HWID spoofer Omega
  • HWID spoofer Alpha
  • HWID spoofer KZT

These spoofers work on most online video games, and they are safe to use. You can also get banned for using HWID spoofers, so you need to select your spoofer wisely.

Using these spoofing techniques, you can use different hacks in your favourite video games. As a result, you will get an edge over other players, and ultimately your rank will improve.

Sometimes players are banned for unfair reasons in some video games. In this case, they can file a complaint to the support page. These players can even use HWID spoofers to start playing again.


Spoofing is used by a plethora of video game players in the world. Some use it for using hacks, while some use it because of their unfair ban. Either way, you must ensure that you are using a spoofer that is safe and can prevent you from the ban.


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