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Unknown facts about Digital Marketing by Digital trainee

Digital marketing is a fast-moving field. These digital marketing statistics can help you position yourself and better grasp the market as new techniques emerge all the time.

A digital marketing manager is a specialist who works on behalf of an organization to create, implement, and manage promotional programs. This includes enhancing social media awareness, driving website traffic, and managing paid advertising efforts. 

From there, they’ll employ a variety of analytic tools to assess the effectiveness of their efforts and improve campaigns. In addition, digital marketing managers are in charge of spotting and analysing technological innovations and communication platforms.

Keeping up to date with trends is difficult for most firms, and some have become unwilling to invest in the approach. Digital marketing tactics, such as search marketing, are, on the other hand, the most effective ways for firms to stay relevant in today’s environment. 

You can take up the Digital Marketing Courses in Pune and learn how it works. And here are 20 unknown facts about digital marketing brought to you by Digital Trainee.

  1. Using video in combination with full-page ads boosts engagement by a substantial percentage.

Text-based adverts are less effective than other sorts of material at catching people’s attention. Combining video and text material makes it easier for customers to comprehend what businesses are trying to say. When consumers watch videos instead of reading text, they retain more information.

  1. Pop-up ads are disliked by a larger percentage of customers.

Pop-up ads are ignored by at least 73 percent of customers, according to studies. Pop-ups are no longer used to increase interaction by businesses that have realized this.

  1. A search engine is the initial point for almost all online connections.

Approximately 93 percent of internet interactions begin with a search engine. One of the most effective advertising methods is to have your company rank high on Google and other search engines.

  1. Businesses make at least two dollars in income for every dollar spent on Google Ads.

Every marketing strategy should include a return on investment. The majority of businesses have effectively used these adverts to quadruple their revenue.

  1. When looking to buy something online, at least 64% of people click on a Google ad.

PPC advertising provides digital marketers with immediate results. Google Ads can help businesses acquire high-quality leads and convert them to income. Do not wait even if you are not in Pune. Learn how PPC ad works choose our online program and opt for Online Digital Marketing Courses today.

  1. One of the most popular consumer activities is social media.

Consumers are more likely to view video material and engage on social media, according to data. Every day, about 500 million hours of video content are seen on the internet. To reach a bigger audience, online advertisers can include these two platforms in their marketing campaigns.

  1. After watching a video ad, at least half of Internet users take action.

Brands that have yet to incorporate video into their digital marketing plan may be missing out on a lucrative potential. Video attracts greater attention than other types of material. After watching a video commercial, 46 percent of customers are inclined to take action.

  1. The majority of customers regard native ads as articles.

Advertisements of various kinds can be found in the digital marketplace. Businesses may easily attract the attention of consumers who dislike pop-up ads by presenting ad material in the style of an article.

  1. Facebook is still widely used for B2C and B2B marketing.

It’s also one of the social media sites that let businesses build relevant adverts for a certain niche. Facebook is still one of the most widely used social media stage for B2C and B2B brand advancement.

  1. Digital marketing is not inexpensive to set up.

The competition for digital marketers is fierce, and firms need the brightest minds and more resources to stay ahead of the game. Budgeting is really important.

  1. Not everyone is a good fit for digital marketing.

Some brands benefit from digital marketing while others do not. Although most firms can locate clients online, conventional marketing tactics such as pamphlets and word of mouth are more effective in reaching out to some consumers.

  1. Marketers who engage in analytics see a 25% increase in sales.

Digital marketing entails more than just placing ads on the internet. According to marketing statistics, firms that track their online campaigns and alter their marketing content as needed are more likely to meet their sales goals.

  1. For mobile ads, the majority of advertisers employ location targeting.

Businesses are increasingly developing geo-targeted mobile ads to efficiently reach customers where they are. This advertising allows firms to target individuals in a certain geographic area who are likely to be interested in their offerings. This is something that at least 80% of firms do.

  1. Amazon is the third-largest digital ad supplier in the world.

Amazon has become one of the top platforms for digital advertising, although trailing behind Google and Facebook. In terms of advertising revenue, the platform has maintained a constant growth trajectory.

  1. As technologies and consumer behaviour evolve, so does digital marketing.

Although the foundations of marketing, such as customer reach and satisfaction, are consistent, how these principles are delivered to consumers is constantly evolving. Every day, consumers adopt new communication technologies, and organizations must guarantee that their strategies are updated to match these new developments.

  1. Pay-per-click (PPC) ads greatly improve brand recognition.

PPC ads, according to studies, may help firms raise brand awareness by 46 percent. This explains why most businesses strive to have their advertisements appear at the top of search engine results pages.

  1. People who visit your website after seeing your PPC advertisements are more inclined to purchase your stuff.

Because of their excellent conversion rates, PPC advertising is very popular. Most consumers who click on them are thought to be serious about completing internet purchases. Those who find your products through organic searches have a lower conversion rate than visitors who find them through PPC ads.

  1. Internet users on average spend at least 33% of their time on social media.

When organizations attempt to meet customers where they are, digital marketing becomes more effective. The majority of Internet users spend most of their time on social media platforms. Businesses that have figured out the secret use social media ads as part of their strategy.\

  1. Behavioural data is not used by more than 70% of digital marketers in their online marketing.

Online ad targeting relies heavily on behavioural data. It assists businesses in better understanding their customers and creating more personalized advertisements. As a result, they are unable to reach out to a more targeted group of clients.

  1. Every month, online visitors are served at least 1700 banner adverts, yet only half of them are seen.

If you use banner advertisements to advertise your business, this is one of the most shocking facts about digital marketing that could have a huge impact on your business.

Final Thoughts

Because digital marketing trends change over time, firms must stay on top of them to stay successful. These statistics provide you a better understanding of the sector and aid in the development of the ideal marketing approach. 

Putting these tips to good use can help you achieve tremendous success. Hurry up opts for digital marketing by taking up the Digital Marketing Classes in Pune and learn everything digitally!


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