Using custom outdoor banners to promote your business online: A guide for entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, you know the importance of marketing and promoting your business. You also know that there are a lot of different ways to promote your business, both online and offline.

One way to promote your business online is by using custom outdoor banners. Outdoor banners are a great way to get noticed and attract new customers.

Here are 15 tips on how to use custom outdoor banners to promote your business online:

1. Use eye-catching colors and designs: 

Printed outdoor banners need to be eye-catching and attractive in order to grab attention. Use bright colors and interesting designs that will make people want to stop and look at your banner.

2. Use keywords: 

When people are searching for businesses like yours online, they will use keywords. Make sure to include relevant keywords in your banner so that people can easily find you.

3. Use a call to action: 

Your banner should have a call to action, telling people what you want them to do. For example, you could say “Visit our website for more information” or “like us on Facebook”.

4. Keep it simple: 

Don’t try to put too much information on your banner. Keep the message short and sweet so that people can easily understand it.

5. Make it readable: 

Use large font sizes so that people can easily read your banner from a distance.

6. Use images: 

People are more likely to notice and remember a banner that includes images. Use images that are relevant to your business and that will grab attention.

7. Use testimonials: 

If you have any testimonials from satisfied customers, include them on your banner. This will help to build trust and credibility with potential customers.

8. Offer discounts: 

Discounts are always a great way to attract new customers. If you’re offering any discounts or special deals, be sure to mention it on your banner.

9. Include your contact information: 

Make sure to include your website address, email address, and phone number on your banner so people can easily get in touch with you.

10. Hang it up in high-traffic areas: 

Make sure to hang your banner in a place where there’s a lot of foot traffic. This will help to ensure that more people see it.

11. Put it up early: 

The sooner you put up your banner, the better. This will give people more time to see it and take action.

12. Leave it up for a while: 

Don’t take down your banner as soon as you think people have seen it. Leave it up for a while so that more people have a chance to notice it.

13. Use multiple banners: 

If you have the budget for it, use multiple banners in different locations. This will help to increase your visibility and reach more people.

14. Use social media: 

You can promote your custom outdoor banner on social media to reach even more people. Take a photo of your banner and share it on your business’s Facebook page or Twitter account.

15. Measure your results: 

Once you’ve put up your banner, take some time to measure the results. See how many people are visiting your website or taking advantage of your discounts. This will help you to see whether or not using custom outdoor banners is effective for promoting your business online.

Custom outdoor banners are a great way to get noticed and attract new customers. Follow these tips to make sure that you’re using them effectively to promote your business online.


How much does a custom outdoor banner cost?

The cost of a custom outdoor banner depends on a number of factors, such as the size, material, and design. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $500 for a custom outdoor banner.

What are some common uses for custom outdoor banners?

Some common uses for custom outdoor banners include advertising sales or promotions, directing foot traffic to a specific location, and promoting events.


Custom outdoor banners are a great way to get your business noticed. Follow these tips to ensure that you’re using them effectively to promote your business online. If you have any questions, be sure to check out the FAQs section.


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