Utah DIY Divorce is a Bad Idea. Here’s Why. 

Divorce is not an easy decision. Regardless of other factors or causes, you have to consider all possible aspects before initiating divorce proceedings. The question is whether you need an attorney for your divorce in Utah. While a DIY Divorce may sound easy and affordable on paper, it is not the best choice, at least for most people. Working with a Salt Lake City Divorce Lawyer may have more advantages than you know. In this post, we are sharing more on the disadvantages of a DIY divorce. 

  1. Mistakes can be expensive. In a divorce, you are expected to make sensible decisions with regards to matters like child custody, child support, alimony, and marital assets. Considering the turmoil that your decision to divorce can cause, it is imprudent to make decisions in haste. If you end up with mistakes, you will either lose your rights, or must modify the divorce decree, which can be expensive. 
  2. Not having expertise is a concern. You may know the basics of Utah divorce laws, but that isn’t enough to get through the process. Most people are unaware of their rights and interests in a divorce, and more importantly, they don’t clearly navigate through the pros and cons of their decision. When you hire a lawyer, you have experience and expertise on your side. 
  3. Talking to your spouse can be complicated. In a DIY divorce, you are expected to negotiate with your spouse and discuss key aspects, to come to an amicable agreement. If your spouse intends to make your life hard, they can do so. Without an attorney, negotiating can be really tough. In case you are not on talking terms with your spouse, you definitely need an attorney. 

Divorce lawyers are not expensive

Contrary to what many people believe, lawyers don’t add huge to the divorce costs. Yes, there is a fee to be paid, but it all comes down to your spouse. If your spouse is open to discussions and wants to finalize the divorce as soon as possible, your lawyer can actually expedite the process. Also, most attorneys in Utah work on an hourly rate, and if yours is a simple no-fault divorce, the lawyer may even work on a flat fee. 

A DIY divorce can feel a lot more complicated, because you must deal with the paperwork too. Get an attorney, so that you can minimize your stress and work. 


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