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Visiting India

Almost no country in the world etches into heart as much as India does. This is a country of overwhelming cacophony of sounds, unique contradictions, and violent colors. Convenient airline travel allows you to visit the farthest corners of this huge country. Whether your travel schedule includes Mumbai — Kanpur, New Delhi — Kolkata, or Hyderabad — Mysore routes, you may always buy air tickets at a reasonable price. Wherever you go in India, you will get a memorable experience. Moreover, when you return home, you will understand that you are not completely the same as you were at the start of your journey.

Local People

Practically all people in India can impress you with their hospitality and kindness. These features are particularly inherent for the folk living in rural districts. Whether you have a traditional meal at the local café or just roam around the streets meeting with many people, you will be touched by their sincere and warm attitude to everything and everyone.

The Taj Mahal

This temple belongs to one of the Seven Wonders of the World. There are still numerous discussions about whether it can be considered the most outstanding monument on Earth. From an architectural point of view, it is recognized as one of the most gorgeous and marvelous architectural wonders ever built. Sometimes, they call it a teardrop on the face of eternity.

The Holy River

The Ganges River blazed its trail from the Himalayas Mountains to the Bay of Bengal. This river has become a lifeblood for millions of people in and beyond the country. The river serves as a source of agriculture, fishing, and industry. In addition, it is believed that it carries the prayers to heaven, and dipping in the river purifies all souls. Furthermore, if the burnt ashes of the dead are washed away, such souls will reach heaven, avoiding the cycle of rebirth.






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