Vocal Remover Utilities- A Revolution in Music Production

Progress in technology has brought about significant improvements in all spheres, including the music and entertainment industry. Following the line, intelligent music production and DJ-based audio editing have gained enough importance. When working on such tasks, there may be a need to isolate voices and instrumentals from the audio files. Talking of the solutions, you can look forward to the Wondershare UniConverter vocals remover tool.

What is Wondershare UniConverter?

Wondershare UniConverter is a revolution in the world of video processing that brings a series of advantages to your disposal. The toolbox allows you to compress, transfer, record, edit and convert videos without any hustle. UniConverter 14, the latest version of the tool comprises some highly advanced features and hit the floors on June 30, 2022. The upgraded version incorporates improved functionalities in the area of video compression and conversion, along with enhancing other footage-centered tasks.

The application stands way ahead of the other video processing utilities like remove vocals audacity, with the merit to sort out a wide range of audio-visual concerns. The program comes to you with a fast response time and a welcoming and interactive user interface. You can perform some exciting operations on a preferred music piece by using the tool to remove the latter’s vocal components.

The application is a welcome boon for video converter tasks, music producers, and DJ mixers. The utility helps you to isolate the vocals of any song and save the instrumental scratch separately. The isolated vocals can be used to create amazing remixes of the song for DJ-based entertainment.

How to Remove Vocal with Wondershare UniConverter 14

By now, you must be aware of the advantages rendered by the vocals remover feature of the UniConverter tool. Let us move ahead and have a look at the stepwise guide to remove vocals from a song in the following section:

Step 1: Select the Vocal Remover Option

Begin with downloading and installing the UniConverter application on your PC. In the opening interface, head to and tap the ‘Tools’ option in the left-side panel. Now, move to the ‘AI Lab’ section and click on ‘Vocal Remover’.

Vocal Remover Utilities A Revolution in Music Production1

Step 2: Upload an Audio or Video File

Hit the ‘Add File’ button, followed by selecting and uploading any audio or video file of your choice to remove its vocals. The files can be directly dragged from your system’s folder to the tool’s window.

Vocal Remover Utilities A Revolution in Music Production2

When the file upload process gets completed, the direct extraction of their vocals will take place automatically and precisely.

Vocal Remover Utilities A Revolution in Music Production3

Step 3: Save the Extracted Vocals

Hit the ‘Export’ button near the instrumentals file for saving the final file that is free from vocals. The 2 files can be saved separately in your system.

Vocal Remover Utilities A Revolution in Music Production4

AI Audio Function- The Latest Add-on

UniConverter 14 welcomes you with an advanced AI-centered audio function that works on a high-tech AI algorithm for vocal abstraction. The instrumental track and voice are separated from the audio file with notable accuracy. After the isolation, you are free to create your music piece with the removed segment. You can, however, use the feature for a limited period of a free trial. Post that a subscription is required to keep working with the utility.

Other Latest Features in UniConverter 14

Apart from the above, there are a variety of appealing features to look forward to with the UniConverter 14 application. Some of the highly demanded ones are discussed below:

  • Convert Video

The UniConverter app allows you to convert video, audio, and image files in over 1000 different file formats. As for the latest Wondershare video converter, the conversion speed is said to improve by 50%. A full-process GPU acceleration to address 4K/8K HDR HD video resolution with 50% more speed is also expected from UniConverter 14. Video editors can relish the news that the tool would be compatible with MP4 and WebM formats concerning the alpha channel output.

Mentioning some more video conversion utilities, UniConverter 14 will support the Mac M1 native acceleration support and HEVC (H.265) encoder MP4 (CFHD)/MOV (HEVC)/MKV (AV1)/WebM (VP9/AV1) function. The app will possess VP9 and AV1 compatibility, including NVIDIA/AMD/Intel support and multi-threaded GPU acceleration.

  • Compress Video

UniConverter 14 will be able to compress videos without size limitations, thanks to its custom compression feature. The audio file would have 90% compression with absolutely no data loss. The quality of compression will also be enhanced by up to 80%. There will be several compression modes for sorting out the widest needs of audio-visual compression.

  • Play Video

The latest version will grant you the liberty of independently playing videos in more than 1000 file formats. The video playback effect is expected to match with the VLC professional player. The app will be compatible with 4K/8K HD video and ensure smooth GPU playbacks.

UniConverter Review Conclusions

Music production and DJ applications are the modern trends of the audio industry and the major hustle in the same are the vocals present in the music piece. If you are attempting to remove vocals from an audio track, the Wondershare UniConverter can be your ultimate rescue. The latter’s newest release is UniConverter 14, which houses a decent variety of top-rated video processing features. Its high-tech AI algorithm can easily extract vocals from a music piece to be used in audio production and DJ-based applications.


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