Water pumps Buying Guide in Kenya

The following article gives homeowners tips regarding pumps. The report highlights how homeowners can maintain a pump regularly without any technicians. The difference in pumps depending on size and its use. Water pumps have different lifespans depending on brands.

Four quick tips regarding water pump price in Kenya

Many homeowners depend on submersible pumps to regulate water inside their homes. However, several homeowners have little knowledge of how water systems work. It is a simple piece of equipment that requires a lot of knowledge and skills. Here are some tips regarding maintenance and facts of pumps.


Regular maintenance is essential to ensure efficient performance. For optimal performance, owners must create a checklist that will cut expenses costs. Upkeep and repairs can be expensive if conducted regularly. Here is some regular maintenance that will ensure efficient performance.

Daily maintenance

Owners must have a daily checklist that includes a constant double-check of the pump’s speed directly correspond to horsepower output. Secondly, examine whether there are any leakages, wear, and tear, or fissure. Daily checks can cut down repair expenditure and prevent damages.

Monthly maintenance

Damages and extra expenses are detrimental to the owner. The monthly checklist includes seals, firmness, oil bearings, and motor coupling changes.

Yearly maintenance

Professional review of the water pump is essential after maintaining the daily and monthly maintenance. Owner maintenance cannot defeat technician expertise, adeptness, and skills. The technician will restore and repair bearings, fine-tune pumping, drive belts, and any other fault.

Variation in size

The water pumps prices are different depending on the size. It does not have one size fits all equipment. The size is different depending on the needs of households. Additionally, it does not work with any tank. The centrifugal pump is ideal for the water pressure of the home and matches the tank.

How to use

Different pumps have different functions. Some bring water in, while other designs are for delivering water outside. A good pump brings water inside a home by pumping it through the plumbing, while the sump pump prevents water damages or flooding by keeping the water out of the basement. The sump pump is necessary for homes that are in low-lying areas and receives frequent flooding when it rains.


The average lifespan of any pump is short. A submersible pump has an average life span of ten years. After ten years, owners are advised to start purchasing another one. The life span also depends on the brands. Some brands have a possible life span of about twenty years. Every pump owner wish is to purchase a pump that guarantees longevity.

To buy good quality and fair water pump price in Kenya, one should consult professionals to acquire advice on various pumps. Professionals take into account the household’s needs and determine the size and the appropriate type of pump.


The maintenance of pumps can be challenging to new owners, but it is necessary. Regular maintenance can reduce repair expenditure and ensure efficient performers. The new buyers should consider the size and usage of the pump before any purchase. If there is any difficulty, buyers can consult professionals for guidance.


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