Water Purification System And Its Type

Water is the need of all the people living on planet earth because water participates in almost all body functions like digestion, body waste removal, blood circulation, and various others, so you need to drink water insufficiently. But each time you drink water, ensure that your drinking water is 100% safe and contamination-free.

In India, almost all freshwater sources are heavily contaminated and entirely unsafe for human consumption thus installation of water purification systems has become crucial because a water purification system can eliminate all kinds of contamination from the water and make it safe for human consumption.

However, there are various kinds of water purification methods like boiling & condensation of water, but these processes take a long time compared to the water purification system. A water purification system is technologically advanced, which brings pure and healthy water. Here in this article, we will discuss water purifiers and water softeners.

Various Kinds Of Advanced Water Purification

Here we will be discussing two widely used water purification system, which are

#1. Water purifier

A water purifier is an advanced water purification system that mainly eliminates all kinds of water pollutants from water and makes water safe for human consumption. A water purifier is based on modern and advanced technology, and all of them have their advantages and disadvantages. Some of the modern and advanced water purifiers are

  • RO Water Purifier

RO (reverse osmosis) water purifier is based on reverse osmosis technology, which is mainly used to eliminate all kinds of contamination present in the water, but it is mainly used in those areas where the dissolved salts are more in water than the microbial contamination.

A reverse osmosis water purifier uses a semipermeable membrane with several pores, traps the contamination based on their microbial size. A RO water purifier does not allow any impurities to pass through it, not even human hair.

  • UV Water Purifier

A UV water purifier is based on the Ultraviolet rays which helps in microbial contamination removal. This water purifier doesn’t eliminate other contamination except microbial, so it can be used in an area where the microbial contamination is high compared to the other contamination.

In this water purifier, a UV rays illuminating bulb is used, continuously illuminating UV rays that remove microbial contamination from water. A UV ray has high penetration power, which penetrates the microbial cell and destroys their genetic material completely; thus, it kills or suspends the growth of the microbes resulting in microbial contamination-free water.

#2. Water Softener

doctor fresh water softener is an advanced water purification technology that converts hard water into soft water by replacing calcium and magnesium salts. Water treated by a water softener is not suitable for drinking, but it is good enough to use for bathing and washing.

Salts of calcium and magnesium make water hard, and hard water causes various health issues like skin diseases, wrinkles, and many others. Hard water also leads to the heavy hair fall and malfunctioning of electrical appliances. The salts of calcium and magnesium get deposited inside the electrical appliances due to which the appliance stops working.

Some Benefits Of Having Advance Water Purification System

In the above section, we have discussed that a water purification system eliminates all kinds of contamination from water, but here in this section, we will be discussing some crucial advantages of having a water purification system

  • A water purification system protects you from various kinds of waterborne disease as it eliminates all kinds of disease-causing agents from water
  • Drinking pure & healthy water improves your immune system, and a healthy immune system always protect you from a foreign invader
  • Water purification system also improves drinking water taste. As we know, water is naturally odourless and colourless, but it is a pollutant that adds some unpleasant odour to water, but water treated by a water purification system are free from impurities thus taste of water improves automatically
  • Improves your digestion and reduces your constipation issues. Generally, contaminated water leads to the constipation issues


Water is crucial and fundamental as it participates in almost all body function; thus, our elders and various professionals guide us to drink optimum water concentration. Drinking optimum water concentration maintains your body’s hydration, which is crucial for living healthy, but it is only possible when you consume pure and contamination-free water. Almost every freshwater source is healthy contamination; thus, only a water purification system can bring pure and contamination-free water. Now depending upon the needs, you can buy a water purifier or water softer. If you are looking for pure drinking water, install a water purifier or suffer from hard water, then install a water softener.


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