How to Stretch Your Wedding Budget for the Ultimate Big Day

The wedding industry has taken off, which is great for vendors, but terrible for the couples trying to get married and have a beautiful day without breaking the bank. Today, you’ll see weddings easily cost tens of thousands. They are more extravagant than ever, and more costly than ever.

It’s no wonder that so many couples today are opting to elope to get married abroad with a small party, but if you have always dreamed of having a classic wedding, there is still hope. You just need to know where and how to allocate your budget so that you get the experience you’ve always dreamed about. To help you know just where to use your budget to get the best experience, here are the top tips for 2024:

Choose a Venue That Doesn’t Need to Be Dressed Up

Florals are expensive. Décor is expensive. Dressing up for a plain venue is, more often than not, more expensive than opting for a beautiful venue that needs minimal effort to stand out, like Arley Hall & Gardens. After all, why spend thousands on a floral arch when you can just get married in a garden? Why spend an arm and a leg on décor when you have beautiful architectural features? Getting married at such venues also often means packaged deals as well, so your money can go even further.

Save On Your Dress

Your wedding dress is so special, and you deserve to have the dress you have always dreamed about, but you don’t need to spend thousands for it. You can save by buying it second-hand, by buying vintage, or even going to trunk sales. Even if you have the budget, try these options first. There are countless designs out there at a discount, and thinking outside of the box can help you save so much.

Skip Favours, Focus on Entertainment

Favours are rarely used or enjoyed. You are better off printing off a photo of the guests from your wedding library after the fact and mailing it to them as a thank you. In terms of where to put the money instead, the answer is always entertainment. Don’t think you need to hire a band, either. A good DJ, some silly games, a photo wall – these can be done on a tight budget and are so much fun for guests.

Great Food Puts People in a Good Mood

Another spot to focus your budget that will help enhance your wedding is the food. Great, delicious food puts people in a good mood, which will then improve your big day tenfold, because everyone is having a great time.

Limit Your Guest List

Smaller guest lists are better. You won’t be able to individually talk to 100+ people in a night, after all, and therefore won’t actually feel the benefit of them being there. You’ll notice if your closest friends or family are missing but not anyone else, so try to minimize the party amount. You can even invite those excess guests for the after-party (after the sit-down dinner), since you won’t do much talking during this period, and a fuller room is more fun to dance in.


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